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  1. Skye.le

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Who you trying to block in the first place?
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    Hearing girl looking for deaf friends

    Welcome But What is Mean? Cause I usally use Skype or something like that
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    So About the Signatures is it for people to see or you to see?
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    Hi HI

    Hi HI
  5. Skye.le

    I'm Not Ignoring You, I'm Deaf

    that really is kinda funny cause that happens to me when im like on the computer and I might be facing my back to someone yelling at me I just keep on going what I was doing
  6. Skye.le

    I'm Having Troubles Reading These Signs

    Oi that is very hard for even me to read what type of sign are they trying to say?
  7. Skye.le

    AllDeaf Software Upgrade

    I miss understood that sorry
  8. Skye.le

    AllDeaf Software Upgrade
  9. Skye.le

    AllDeaf Software Upgrade

    Typer its a type to talk type of thing
  10. Skye.le

    AllDeaf Software Upgrade

    I haven't really tried Tapatalk but I currently use a Typer for some words what I can't say so I can't really Do the Tapta
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hi im jamie i am loosing a long battle with my hearing in my right ear would it be alright for me to add you? Skype: jnaugle99
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    Cant u add me it jnaugle99
  13. Skye.le

    Anyone willing to sign with me?

    I am willing to do that i have glide but one problem I am hard of hearing
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    Skype Communication or Help

    Hi my name is jamie im 16 and um.. hoh but i would love to skype you
  15. Skye.le

    Our new family member

    Oh my lord that is addictive but adorable
  16. Skye.le

    What did you learn today?

    I am wondering if anyone wants to sign with me?
  17. Skye.le

    Hello, i'm going Deaf. Should I learn ASL?

    Hey you arn"t alone i am hoh and going deaf but i know what your going though plus i been doing sign for my whole life and i could help some of the younger people becomeing HOH