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  1. napolicapitale

    CI Removal Tomorrow morning

    I see. Did the malformation require a reparation surgery in order to prevent recurrent meningitis? Also, the CI did not provide any benefit: does this mean that it did not work at all, or could it somehow feign noise, though completely unintelligible?
  2. napolicapitale


    Hello, Valorrian. I use to visit this site in (some of) my most desperate moments; today I've found this post of yours from two years ago that describes how I've been feeling since forever. How are you doing now?
  3. napolicapitale

    CI Removal Tomorrow morning

    May I ask if you know the clinical name of the malformation?
  4. napolicapitale

    Norwegian HoH

    I am glad to read this and I hope that you are content with that aspect of your life!
  5. napolicapitale

    Norwegian HoH

    And what about the hearing side of society? Can you get along with them too?
  6. napolicapitale

    Norwegian HoH

    @Kjell: is this true? So you are not hopelessly dreaming of escaping anywhere else in the world like most of us do (do dream-- not do succeed.), are you?
  7. napolicapitale


    Hello from италия :)
  8. napolicapitale

    How do you solve a problem about learning in college?

    That's tragically normal, I am struggling with the very same situation. Big hello from the other side of the world!
  9. napolicapitale

    Greetings,I from Russia! Find friends for dialogue.

    Yeah sure, that's pretty obvious :lol: I was just curious about how you managed in your daily life your being HOH with being a lawyer. That's not something I feel I could do with a disability like this.
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    Maybe he is asking if somebody here knows turkish? (I don't! Just, i saw the word "türkçe" and the question mark and tried to guess :lol:)
  11. napolicapitale

    Greetings,I from Russia! Find friends for dialogue.

    Hello! HOH and a lawyer? That's great, will you please tell me more about your job?! :)
  12. napolicapitale


    Wow, "Kelly" didn't sound like a Chinese name to me :) Welcome! I am deaf too.
  13. napolicapitale

    We will go to Italy

    Great choice! Enjoy your trip :)
  14. napolicapitale

    Who else is HoH? I want to talk to you

    That's exactly my thought, I believe deafness can be greatly coped with when the people we are with are able to understand and treat us right; it's the stupid and ignorant ones that kind of kill me, and it is a struggle being there with them and all of their babbling, and feeling, well, disabled...
  15. napolicapitale

    Do deaf people "hear" sounds in their heads?

    I was not born deaf but have been since a very early age. I can't remember anything at all, and of course I never hear sounds in my head. I mean, have you ever been to that small, nameless and unknown village situated at the very heart of Africa? I guess you haven't. Now, can you picture it in...
  16. napolicapitale

    Trade ASL Experience for Computer Programming

    Wow! It's a gamble finding somebody who lives near your house, is Deaf and fluent in ASL and truly interested in programming. I wish you good luck and, if you ever want to learn some Italian... :)
  17. napolicapitale

    Serious relationship

    Yeah, I guess deafness is not an American exclusive!
  18. napolicapitale

    Hi everyone

    How cuuuuuute! :lol:
  19. napolicapitale

    Hi everyone

    Just go left :P there is "User CP" on top of homepage, click it and then just look for "Edit profile picture" in the column. Welcome! :)
  20. napolicapitale

    HoH & deaf question

    In my opinion, HOH is HOH and deaf/Deaf is deaf. Just, Deaf was raised in the Deaf culture and deaf wasn't. deaf doesn't know ASL and maybe has never met other Deaf people, but can't hear sounds at all as well.