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  1. rhr

    need more deaf events in Southern California

    Hi All, is sopping, no more since 2013, any more in deaf events in Southern California ??
  2. rhr

    I want alarm clock with door, phone, shake bed with pager for low vision

    Hi Guys, my vision loss.. I can't read small red led on alarm clock but I can read green or blue led, I look all alarm system clock with door bell, phone, shake bed, also wireless pager shake.. I look all only red led.. need green or blue led, any do you have green or blue or brightness...
  3. rhr


    I know about CPU and GPU but new APU few yar ago Best CPU is intel than AMD right? Best GPU is Nviada and AMD than Intel right? but about APU APU is Accelerated processing unit Accelerated processing unit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia APU is both GPU and CPU in one chipset...
  4. rhr

    Small computer

    Hi All, I am interest who have very small computer called Small Mini PC or Small Form Factor (SFF) Please don't ask about mATX, ATX or, no big or notebook/netbook/laptops thank you Mini-ITX, DTX, any very small m, who own small computer or building PC? 1) name / model computer or...
  5. rhr

    free root / jailbreak for device

    Hi all.. I want look device android for free root / jailbreak I know many had Void Warranty, if you want root in your device, they won't warranty I bought Xoom long ago.. I had accident root.. won't back.. it is DEAD!.. no back.. nothing.. that I like computer, laptop, any time tweak...
  6. rhr

    CC on HDMI

    Hi all.. I remember few year ago, I read and I search not find about CC on HDMI on 2014 by FCC.. I remember any, support CC on HDMI or nothing? why I read some said FCC sign on CC for HDMI on 2014??? Do you know and saw few year ago? (2012 maybe)
  7. rhr

    I need help me, HTML Input

    Hi Guys, I try research about input <input type = "text" value = "alldeaf" name = "name1" autofocus > I want end of blink cursor | is cursor, it is show |alldeaf but I want alldeaf| HTML, CSS, or/and Javascript, no matter any idea?
  8. rhr

    Apple TV 6.0 - no caption ?

    Hi Guys, I bought new Apple TV and upgrade 6.0, I try Youtube , no caption that I already setup close caption is on. my PC and youtube and CC work, I copy search and put Apple TV, title and video are same AppleTV and PC, Apple TV won't snow caption, help me how turn caption?
  9. rhr

    I look and buy new GeForce

    Hi Guys, I look and buy GeForce 7xxGTX but I don't need multi montor, only single alone, screen resolution 1366 x 768 or low, I don't need more high Geforce 890GTX 880GTX 870GTX 860GTX 850GTX I know 890GTX is top, more Resolution than all, Multi Monitor more than both are smooth... if I...
  10. rhr

    Intel chipsets

    Hi Guys, I forget long time ago.. I don't remember you know intel chipset model xnn x = word, nn = number, I know number but what mean word? explin: P55, H55 Q55 ... new Z87 Waht mean B, G, Q, P, X, Z, like G41, "G" mean graphics bulit-in motherboard, H41, "H" mean I think it is...
  11. rhr


    All guys, you don't like Clanity, Slient, Sonic Alert etc.. for bell door, baby, fire, smoke, etc.. I found new technology called "WeMo" for any IOS Device (ipad/ipod touch, iphone, etc..) they had Motion Sensor and Baby see Belkin WeMo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or search...
  12. rhr

    WRT AC are burn / hot ?

    Hi All, Who buy Router Wireless AC (802.11ac) and it still hot / burn? Netgrear? Asus? Linksys? Please do not talk about A,B,G, and N, I know them
  13. rhr

    any new HDTV with CC

    Hi Guys, Do y9o hear new HDTV with CC with more large fonts in 2013 or 2014? I like VideoLan, KMPlayer and SMPlayer had choose your own size and style but I don't like old HDTV are limit font and limit size becuase HDTV is large wide than small CC like 4:3, I want CC on full 16:9 Do...
  14. rhr

    Windows 8 Theme

    Hi Guys, I will not buy Windows 8 yet, I need what know me about Theme, I download Win 8 Trail and I use VirtualBox Windows 7 or old had "Windows Color and Appearance" setting, but Windows 8 is no longer but high contrast is limit, I don't like it, becuase "select" is red, give to red...
  15. rhr

    not happy Firefox!

    Hi Guys, I quit IE long time, I love Firefox since version 15.0, it is better but they change 15.0.1 or high biggest problem!! 15.0.1 or up - I open two windows firefox, #1 is backward, #2 is frontward, I use link on #2 but it is swtich to #1, I fedup again press tab. Need TOP Always on...
  16. rhr

    Jailbreak, Root about new Microsoft Surface

    let you know you know about you can't Jailbreak for IOS, Root for Android with void of warranty, I know people don't care warranty, they already jailbreak or root PC and Windows never lock, free-root, no problem warranty, you know it but about Are new Microsoft Surface RT / Pro...
  17. rhr

    Apple Inc. remove all WiFi Analyzer/Scanner

    let you know, I want WiFi Analyzer for ipad3, I am suprise, Apple Inc. remove ALL WiFi Analyzer / Scanner at App Store !!! I am mad!! but Android still them!!
  18. rhr

    Help me for iPad3

    Hello ipad user I am vision problem, I bought new iPad3, I did change switch White and black from Setting, Zoom, Large, done! but I had problem wallpaper not work... I make solid black background called "Black.jpg" and put e-mail, send to ipad, I click open and save, then wallpaper is...
  19. rhr

    Nextalk Q&A

    Hi Guys, I know Nextalk is shut down from FCC, Deaf-to-Deaf on Nextalk alive.. I like nextalk for screen than TDD Quesiton, I can use Text-to-text to Another Relay free toll (800,866 etc..) but not from Nextalk. Is it allow. I don't know Text-to-Text is limit time 10 minutes or no limit ?
  20. rhr

    Video Card & PSU "12V Rails" mean?

    Hi Guys, Do you know PSU (Power Supply Unit) and Video Card I read GeForce 210 said "Power Supply Requirements 300 Watt Power Supply (with 18A on the +12V Rail)" What mean "with 18A on the +12V Rail" ??? my PSU 350 watt had dual 12v1/10a and 12v2/15a, what mean toal 25a correct? I...