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    Literacy of Deaf People

    YouTube - Open Letter to the Deaf Community Discuss I want your inputs or opinions on this before I let my opinion be known
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    My New Kitten, Fuzzy! (dial up- BEWARE!)

    Little backstory before I show the pictures. I recently moved from Maryland to Alabama (due to some problems and the fact that I missed my boyfriend like the plant misses its sun) and was forced to leave my two cats behind because I didn't want to confront my parents and get into a screaming...
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    Keep member information private

    I would like to see a change on alldeaf where member profiles are unviewable to unregistered people. I recently got an AIM message from babytalkie44 saying he was a member (which he wasn't) and wanted me to believe in his lottery scam.
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    Alabama sends their greeting!

    Hello Everybody! My name is Kelly Morland and I am 22 years old. I live in Prattville, Alabama with my hearing boyfriend and a cute fuzzy kitten. I was born and raised in Elkton, MD (and is profound deaf since birth) and attended to Delaware School for the Deaf since I was 18 months old to...