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  1. Grayma

    Gobekli Tepe

    Steinhauer's post on the baltic sea anomaly made me think if this story that I've been reading about for a while. I don't know why it fascinates me so much, but it does: We used to think agriculture gave rise to cities and later to writing, art, and religion. Now the world’s oldest temple...
  2. Grayma

    Production of Cyrano in ASL

    Linke below, and here's an excerpt from the article: Read more: CYRANO Gets Final 3 Week Extension at Fountain Theatre If you live in Southern Cal, I hope you get to see it. It looks really great.
  3. Grayma

    Deaf Culture question

    I know the Deaf are blunt and to the point, and I think I understand why. But is it really acceptable/normal in Deaf culture to: Respond to a compliment about your shirt by asking somebody what size they wear (in front of other people) and then share your opinion of that size. Ask...
  4. Grayma

    Korean Drama with deaf character

    Korean drama called The Devil has one character who is deaf and signs. Her daughter also signs- the daughter is the main character. I don't think the actress playing the deaf mother is deaf because she looks familiar to me, like I've seen her on another drama, but I could be wrong. There...
  5. Grayma

    Deaf scouts at scout camp for the first time.

    Boy Scout leader camp in Park City first to include deaf participants | The Salt Lake Tribune
  6. Grayma

    Paying for hearing aids?

    My son-in-law, who is deaf in one ear because of his service in Iraq, says he would be interested in a hearing aid but they are too expensive, and the military won't pay for one for him because 'they issued earplugs in basic training." I suggested he go back to the VA with his father-in-law...
  7. Grayma

    I've been invited to go to the Open house at state school for the deaf

    My deaf friend asked me to go and I said yes. Now I'm getting cold feet. I don't think my signing skills are up to it, and I don't have any idea what happens at their open house.
  8. Grayma

    Dr. Seuss' Oh The Places You'll Go in ASL

    Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss ASL Interpretation - YouTube My daughter sent me the link. She says the signer is a CODA. He uses more of what we have been taught are 'deafisms' than other youtube signers we've seen.
  9. Grayma

    Signmark Concert

    Some of my family and me at a Signmark Concert. We sat at the edge of the green because we thought we'd have to leave early, but the concert ended sooner than we thought, so we got to see it all. The man himself. Grandbaby totally rocking out. She had a great time.
  10. Grayma

    The Righteous Mind

    The Righteous Mind is the title of a book by liberal Jonathan Haight More here: The Righteous Mind | Climate Etc.
  11. Grayma

    Deaf rapper Signmark touring USA He'll be in Indiana tomorrow, Florida a couple days later, Michigan on the 30th, MN in May. The Indiana performance is at Purdue University and it's free.
  12. Grayma

    15 People who did not know the Titanic was real

    15 People Who Didn't Know The Titanic Actually Sank
  13. Grayma

    Felony Election Fraud

    Democrat officials in Indiana charged with felony election fraud: Indiana Democrats Charged With Felony Election Fraud | Jammie Wearing Fools
  14. Grayma

    How did you learn, or how are you learning, ASL?

    30 years ago I took sign language classes at college. I took three or four altogether, in two states. I thought before it was two classes, but I just remembered I took a couple others offered at the library: a beginning course at the library in Arizona when I was a teen. I think it was ASL...
  15. Grayma

    Which School Should Deaf Children Attend

    One HOH man's answer here: Which school should the deaf children attend to? (Voice and Sign Language included) - YouTube I really love his vlogs. For some reason his signing is clearer to me than some others- possibly because he signs at a slower, more measured pace and I can almost keep up?
  16. Grayma

    Sugar Causes Heart Disease

    Insulin spikes also result in surges in bad cholesterol and they feed fat cells, which is why it's important for those of us who struggle with weight to avoid other foods that spike blood sugars and have high rankings on the glycemic index (like potatoes and pasta and most grains). Personally, I...
  17. Grayma

    Deaf History Tidbit

    Apologies if this has been mentioned before. I searched the threads and didn't see anything. I was researching something else completely different, and came across this reference: An Enduring Gift: The Story of David Maydole Matteson (1871–1949) David Maydole Matteson had completed...
  18. Grayma

    Etiquette Question about Hearing Aids

    If a deaf person's hearing aids are ringing or whistling loudly and the person does not seem to know, should you tell them, or is that rude?
  19. Grayma

    Found Local ASL Instructors for free!

    Two Mormon/LDS missionaries in our area claim to be fluent in ASL. They are teaching a class for free on Sunday afternoons, but we can't go then. On a whim I called them and asked if they would like to come to my house once a week for supper, and after dinner they can tutor us in sign...
  20. Grayma

    Sympathy to the Ballweg family

    This month Darrell Ballwegg was shot and killed in front of his wife. He and his wife are deaf. They have apparently helped a lot of people, and one of the people they were trying to help lost his temper in an argument and shot Darrell.