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  1. CrAzY_AnGeL

    I need ya help

    Hmm , how to start ?! Ok , i am a student from germany , 18 years old..Next year i will finish shool and then i want to go to USA for some months (e.g. 3 6 Months) ... Why ?? I want to become a teacher for deaf and i want to make experiences in america .. Why ??I love the country there and...
  2. CrAzY_AnGeL

    CräääZZZYyy from GermanyYyy

    OOhhlalaa :laugh2: Hmm , how to introduce myself ?! :shock: Ok let me begin by saying that i am a girl *ääh* Woman :D from Germany (Stuttgart) .. I am 18 years old and i am still (unfortunately) a student..I am hardhearing , but i have many deafies in my familiy .. Why i am here ...