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    I am back!

    Welcome Back! :wave:
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    Where did you

    Where did you surf the website on daily basis before you found AD and registered this website? For me, I tend to go to since I am airliners freak! also for the articles relate to the aviation business around the world. :) So Tell me and other aders...
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    Ask me any ???s

    Oh yeah, I will go to Gay Day at DisneyWorld which I am looking forward to! Gotta to check some fine hombre in Florida! I love Disney! I live 30 minutes to Disneyland so I cant wait to go to other "Disneyland" :) The RAD conference, so far 270 deaf LGBT will be attend for the workshop and...
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    Ask me any ???s

    Ha, RAD is Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf or of the Deaf. There will be conference in Orlando, FL during June 2 to June eh I dont know when it end. Neway, I probably go there.
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    Ask me any ???s

    Are you going to RAD?
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    Pa won't like it

    :laugh2: Now I see why farm boy doesnt want to see Pa whip his ass.
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    do you..

    well, i am "occiasional" smoker of weed, I tend to smoke when I feel like and when there is group of friends.
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    They always have a Bible in hotel rooms

    Whoa! That is fuck strange bible didn't got burn whole! Dang, go and try it again!!!! Ofc, in safe area.
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    yay for me

    Congratulation!! I will see you in Fall :D
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    School and Major

    I used to go Gallaudet University but I will return this fall. Right now, I am attending El Camino College. My major is Psychology.
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    Favorite kind of restaurant.

    I love California Pizza Kitchen, I'd pick that restaurant to dine everynight since they serve pizza with different veggies therefore, good for my health ((a little))
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    Hi Everybody, I am Sal, from Los Angeles, CA. I dont care if you know the city since it is biggest city so you wont know where exact I live. :D
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    AD Cabin Party?

    Yeah, I am going. See y'all there, hopefully. Sorry for those people who will be not going. There is always next time. :)
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    VamPyroX, what is the postparty after brickfest? Where will you be kick back? For me, Yeah I am going there for sure becasue I already bought an airline ticket! Look forward to meet you guys. :D
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    How many siblings do you have?

    HEH HEH :laugh2: Thanks Jada! I Know what you mean. Well, I am at least better all you can have for being a sister. Ha. By the way, Thanks 4 welcome me to AD. I sure hope I will come here often. ;)
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    How many siblings do you have?

    I have three older brothers. I am the baby one.
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    How many siblings do you have?

    Aw, Don't forget about me! :wave: I am your surrogate sister! ::hug:::fruit:
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    So, Where are you from?

    I am Angelenos which is part of California! Damn proud to be Angelenos forever. :D
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    usernames-what's the reason behind yours?

    Ah Huggable, well I am huggable person. I love to hugs everybody when I see them or leave them! But I barely hug when I am shy or meet new person. So Bear, that is the size of my body when I was hugged by my girlfriends... they thought I am like a teddy bear so it is Huggablebear. :)