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    These days dashcams comes in useful for these idiots out there. Does your car have an dashcam hooked up? I have mine hooked up since day one.. will plan to upgrade it to dual channel so I can have a dash cam on the rear window. My model of dashcam in the meantime is BlackVue. Photo to be...
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    Recent apartment break in - few tips.

    Not sure if it is the right area - please relocate if necessary. It has been a while since I last posted. Well, hello all! Straight to the point, I moved to an apartment complex with my partner few months ago and only few days ago, our apartment got broken into and has stolen my playstation 4...
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    The Ultimate West Coast Road Trip - July 2017.

    Hello all! I know, it has been a while since I posted a proper thread, but I am always lurking here and there regardless. See the title? Why may you ask? I have been invited to tag along with my deaf friends from Australia and I can say, I am in planning stages with my friend about a road trip...
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    Missing boy found, 13 years later

  5. JClarke

    JClarke's US trip blog

    For your interest, if you wish to follow me around during my trip back in U.S. Link: Please enjoy and there will be ongoing updates here and the blog as well. If you are a facebook friend, there will be photos added frequently. Cheers...
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    eBay buyer abuse

    Have you sold an item and get abused by a buyer for refund? I am in the middle of a dispute with this buyer who claims that the phone I sent was dented in transit, which was abolsutely bull because the item was wrapped carefully with two layers of bubble wrap and I discovered that he listed...
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    BREAKING NEWS: heartbreaking story, in Australia

    This story has gone viral since yesterday - this comes from Facebook, a deaf couple who is well known across the deaf community in Australia, (more of from Sydney, Australia) - The couple have a little daughter that they have taken her to the hospital due to frequent seizures and health related...
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    Wrong number Steve...

    Worth a smile or a laugh or two. See link: Man mistakenly texts wrong number, Paddy Power live tweets conversation |
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    Experiences with couchsurfing and AirBnB?

    Post away! I'm interested in any of the experiences of yours if you have done so. :wave:
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    NYC times spends 36 hours in Canberra, Australia (My hometown) :aw:
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    Autonomous cars (driveless)

    Drivers Not Wanted: These Cars Can Get You There Autonomously - TIME The autonomous, driveless cars are in testing phrases at the moment and it may be on our roads sooner than we think. Your thoughts on these drive less cars? Discuss or debate away!
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    Teleportation a step closer? :O

    This just came in: Scientists discover how to turn light into matter |
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    Deaf dog starts new life in the US

    just saw this on the news on tv earlier tonight - it was so adorable, so found this article that I could share (apologies if I missed any repost) Deaf cattle dog pup on $3000 flight to new American home | Fraser Coast Chronicle Sent from my iPhone using AllDeaf
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    2015 Official AD Meet II on 23rd May 2015

    Attention Mods: Can you please make this thread sticky. Thanks. I have Alex's permission to create this thread; I have his green light. :hmm: 2015 Official AD Meet II on Saturday, May 23rd 2015 I am taking this opportunity to create this thread at a very early time, to give you all...
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    Airbnb experiences you have?

    discuss! Sent from my iPhone using AllDeaf
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    Ghost car?

    I'll let you be the judge for yourself. Video of ‘ghost car’ spooks the world |
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    U.S trip 2015

    I'm due to move houses soon, and focus on saving money for my own sake, with the budget I have here, I may be able to look at returning to the U.S in 2015 after a 5 year hiatus, I'm overdue to visit my AD friends. I am creating this thread because I would like my AD friends, to throw me ideas...
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    Alarm clock

    I am in the look out for a new alarm clock, my big one has retired after smashing it by accident late last year - but looking at the latest, and they are ridiculously expensive. I am looking around for an alarm that can have vibration with flashing lights but I wonder if there is an alarm that...
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    A minor problem

    I am not sure if this is in the appropriate section but please move it if it is not. The problem is about my divorce that I am facing later this year; lately I have been staying away from the deaf community I have been strongly participated for the past 20+ years. The deaf community here is...
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    Embrace+ technology for phone users.

    This may most likely interest you all, I found this from kickstarted website earlier and this caught my attention, and I would love one too. The video is in the link for your interest.