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  1. Radcliff

    Gallaudet University

    The video essay is optional, but I still feel as though my lack of ability to create one is going to count against me. Plus, I am an English Literature major, so with the lack of video essay and my major of choice I have a lot riding in my written essay. I'm aware that I shouldn't over think it...
  2. Radcliff

    Gallaudet University

    It's a video that you use ASL to answer a question
  3. Radcliff

    Mainstream schools

    What are the positives of mainstream schools?
  4. Radcliff

    sometimes you just feel alone .

    You're not alone. I am here! Message me when ever you need someone to talk to
  5. Radcliff

    Gallaudet University

    I've been working on my application as well! I am very worried about my written essay, because I want it to be perfect. I can't do the video essay for ASL because I'm not fluent.
  6. Radcliff

    Am I weird?

    Since I've been so quiet, I've found it hard to make friends at college. I'm the only person that has hearing problems
  7. Radcliff

    Became deaf on 16 anyone who's been through the same and would like to share it?

    I became hard of hearing at the age of 17 and now I'm almost 20 (my birthday is in a week). I'm still kind of going through it still, and I live in an area in the US that there aren't many deaf people.
  8. Radcliff

    Gallaudet University

    Would Gallaudet be the best university to achieve my goal?
  9. Radcliff

    Pre-school teacher to deaf, mute and hard of hearing

    I want to become a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing as well! But I wish to teach higher education such highschool and I also want to teach English!
  10. Radcliff

    Looking to Chat!

    I am double majoring in English Literature and English Education! I have a minor in creative writing as well
  11. Radcliff

    Gallaudet University

    It's a really big decision for me and I'm nervous! I want to become a teacher and I want to be able to teach at a deaf school or a hearing school.
  12. Radcliff

    Hi all , Newbie hear

    Welcome (:
  13. Radcliff

    Gallaudet University

    Hi! Okay, I am a college Freshman with a 3.75 GPA and I am thinking of applying to transfer to Gallaudet. I am HOH (if anyone really wanted to know) and I would really like to speak to some people about their experiences. I am oral, and I have a limited understanding of ASL. I can form small...
  14. Radcliff

    Looking to Chat!

    Hi! I'm Emily. I'm hard of hearing (late deafened) and I'm also taking ASL classes (online). I am an English major as well
  15. Radcliff


    The loss in my right ear is 100% because of the antibiotics. My left ear is where my infection was, so I had a lot of surgery on it, my nerve was damaged, one of my inner ear bones was removed.
  16. Radcliff


    The antibiotics side effects are permanent, my doctor made sure I was aware of that before doing it. I had no other choice since surgery, steroids and the mountain of other pills were not working. I have a hearing aid for my left ear, but my right ears loss is newer. And I'm in the process of...
  17. Radcliff

    Most Happiest Thread

    My nephew got his outer piece of his CI today
  18. Radcliff


    From what I could tell I was around 70 Db for most frequencies but at 2000 hz there is a significant spike but it drops back down
  19. Radcliff


    I was put on a PICC line and my infectious disease doctor said hearing loss was a side effect. And I'll have to get it back from my disability coordinator at my college but sure I can post it.
  20. Radcliff

    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    I suffer from really bad anxiety. I tend to not talk, though my hearing loss didn't occur til 17. It definitely isolates me.