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    How old were you when YOU remembered your very first vacation?! For me, I was about 7 years old when i remembered my first vacation to Las Vegas with my uncle, aunt and cousins.... unfortenately I don't remember going to Disney World when I was 3 years old! :-O
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    halloween decorations!

    Have you guys decorate halloween outside of your yard? if you have... post pictures if you want to! :)
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    I'm not a newbie!!

    Just want to say big hello to everyone!! I'm single full time mom with nearly 2 years old daughter Kaylynn. I'm also from Illinois but approximately 3 hours away from chicago. I'll be around ON and OFF! LoL.... :wave::wave::wave:
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    for all mothers/mothers to be

    did you ever get braxton hicks contractions ?? how much did you gain total during ur preggy ??-- u dont have to reveal if you're not comfortable. when did you start to get any pains or feeling uncomfortable?? Right now I'm 30 wks and 4 days and I'm going to have a baby girl due on...
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    During Pregnancy.....

    First of all, i wanted to say Im pregnant at 10 weeks now. it is shocking news to me as well -- it was unexpected pregnancy plan. Yes, Im excited to have a kid coming into my life. I just found out at 8 wks -- because I noticed i was eating more and felt nausea often too -- thats when...
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    dog park

    do you guys have any dog park in your hometown area ? I have dog park in my area, and I took 2 dogs to the dog park and we've seen 3 other dogs at the park, all of the dogs are friendly and had fun chasing and socialize with other dogs and people. it is a great time. :)
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    flood & leaking

    have anyone ever experience flood in basement? or have anyone ever experience the leaking from the roof? I have couple of days ago. it was HORRIBLE... :( 8 inches of rain for 3 days in a row. gosh.... basement was flooded abt 4 or 6 inches... because the sewer was backed...
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    Deafnation Expo

    Is anyone going there ?? DeafNation Expo The DeafNation Expo began in spring 2003, starting with 6 Expos. Today, DeafNation hosts 12 Expos annually, having attracted in excess of 150,000 attendees since. Chicago DeafNation Expo Saturday, October 6, 2007 Harper College Building M...
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    plans for trip

    Have you ever felt rejected for the planning of trip? friends/relatives tell you I can't go anymore because of this or this or this? or friends can't make up mind if can go or not (flipping flops) ? how do you feel and how do you handle this situation if it happened to you??
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    Prayers need

    I went to the hospital to see one of my aunt. She has lupus disease. She went in the hospital yesterday evening from heart attack rushed into surgery -- her heart was torn and needed to be repaired and she also have failing kidneys too. She was bleeding a lot this morning and went in...
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    I know a lot of people uses sunscreen lotion in summertime. I also heard from a friend told me some of them use sunscreen lotion in wintertime!! Have you ever use sunscreen lotions in wintertime??
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    who likes to watch and play bingo on tv ?? I've played it last week -- and it s cool in my opinion :-P
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    how many of you are heavy caffinee drinkers?! how many times a day do u cosume a caffinee drink? Sometimes I wonder if caffinee is good for you if you drink heavy?? I'm also curious if you guys used to be heavy caffinee drinker, what do you do? I meant like do you cut down...
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    The Bachelor -- :)

    the new bachelor is coming up!!!! Andy Baldwin on channel ABC on monday April 2nd -- starting at 845 cst to 10 pm -- dont forget to watch this hawt guy -- ladies! :) Enjoy the new show :)
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    What is this about?!

    this is really sad!!!!!!!!!!! How could someone do this ?! It made me mad and sick if someone do this!!!! check this out St. Paul Pioneer Press | 03/16/2007 | WHEN PETS BECOME PAWNS WHEN PETS BECOME PAWNS The international media have zeroed in on the chilling tale of a St...
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    smarter than 5th graders?

    are you smarter than 5th graders? its interesting game similar to who wants to be a millionaire but its all about subjects from school its on fox channel starting now 8 pm cst .... i suggest u to watch it :)
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    all set.... to.... go...

    Next monday-- I'm getting CI surgery in the morning.... I got approved somewhere in October after I took hearing test, and MRI... I wanted to have sugery in nov but it was bad timing because I don't want to miss out all the good foods on thanksgiving... and x mas was coming up too. now...
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    if you already have wire router -- why do we have to buy wireless router if u want to share two computers in different room? whats wrong with PCI adapater with wire cable? doesn't they have wireless cord for linksys router that isn't wireless? yes i'm being stupid haha... i'm just...
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    just for fun quiz

    Just for fun....enjoy.... I will give answers after u guys post -- give me at least 2 or 3 days then i will post all the answers for you. For me -- I had 13 correct answers. DeafScuba98 has 14 correct answers. It was interesting. > > This is based on U.S. info, so use all lobes...
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    soothe sore throats....

    how do you handle to soothe the sore throat?? I have sore throat and fever for 4 days now. I used soup, hot chocolate, sprite sore throat drops and tyenol -- I started using tyenol yesterday to reduce the fever and pain. but in the morning it will get worse. I even get up in...