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    David cassidy hospitalized-critical condition
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    Alert: throw away fidget spinners now
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    San bernardino primary school shooting

    California shooting: Three dead at primary school in San Bernardino Christopher Weber Tuesday 11 April 2017 01:43 BST A husband opened fire on his wife on Monday in a San Bernardino elementary school classroom, killing her and a student in a murder-suicide that spread panic across a city still...
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    Wrestlemania 33 : the end of the undertaker

    WrestleMania 33 full results: The end of The Undertaker Nick Schwartz @nick_schwartz Apr 3, 2017 at 5:36a ET John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33 While the finish of the main event was a heartbreaking moment for generations of fans, WrestleMania 33 may one day be...
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    Super bowl li champions goes to the ne patriots

    SPORTS Here’s How the Patriots Won Their Fifth Super Bowl By BENJAMIN HOFFMAN February 5, 2017 Running back James White celebrated one of his three touchdowns.DOUG MILLS/THE NEW YORK TIMES A new standard has been set, as Tom Brady of the New England Patriots became the first quarterback in...
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    San diego chargers bolt to l.a.

    Chargers announce they’re moving to Los Angeles By Mark Maske Sports January 12 at 11:25 AM So long, San Diego: Chargers to head north to L.A. Play Video1:22 After more than a half-century in San Diego, the Chargers, the city's NFL team, will pull up roots and relocate to Los...
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    Sky cabin ride 18 people stuck at knott's berry farm

    After 5 hours, firefighters begin lowering 18 people stuck aboard Knott's Berry Farm Sky Cabin Dec. 30, 2016 | Updated 8:58 p.m. View Photo Gallery By ALMA FAUSTO and SCOTT SCHWEBKE, STAFF WRITERS » BUENA PARK – More than five hours after they became stranded 125 feet in the air, 18...
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    Brady breaks qb wins record patriots beat the rams

    Tom Brady breaks QB wins record, Patriots beat Rams 26-10 Patriots quarterback Tom Brady calls signals at the line of scrimmage during the first half. –Elise Amendola / AP By KYLE HIGHTOWER AP, updated on December 4, 2016 FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — Tom Brady now stands alone when it comes...
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    The Librarian's Gift

    For nearly 50 years, Robert Morin ’63 worked as a cataloguer in Dimond Library. He was known to live simply, and few suspected he had quietly amassed a $4 million estate. When he died just over a year ago, he gifted his estate to UNH. “Bob’s demonstrated commitment to UNH through his...
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    First Human Head Transplant

    While severing someone’s head and attaching it to another person’s body sounds like something straight out of a science fiction or horror movie, some real-life scientists say they are planning to do just that – as early as next year. Italian neuroscientist Dr. Sergio Canavero made headlines...
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    Colin Kaepernick Refuses Stand National Anthem
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    Woman Fired From Dickson Pretzel Shop Because She Is Deaf
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    Dutchman Flies To China Meet His Online Girlfriend
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    Don't Steal From A Corpse Never Know Whatcha Gonna Get
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    Pokemon Player Hits Baltimore Police Vehicle
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    Cinnamon Roll Can Explodes Inside Mans Behind During Shoplifting Incident
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    Kim Davies Denies Man To Marry His Laptop
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    Couple Charged With Throwing Pizza Rolls At Each Other
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    Keith Emerson Suicide Over Fans Critizism

    That's very sad his own fans trolled about his performance not being perfected. He took his own life over rude people's comments .
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    Textbooks Ebook

    Anyone here think an Ebook textbook is good for college? I am so out dated when it comes to college. I graduated in 2002 and a lot has changed since. I am thinking about an Ebook is it ideal and good for studying? My concern was trouble shooting. What if the battery gets low on my tablet, what...