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    Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

    Has anyone else seen it? I saw it tonight at a theatre with D-Box seats that vibrate and move along with the action. Explosions make them shake violently, whenever they're riding in an aircraft you can feel it gliding through the air, it's a weird feeling at first but you quickly get used to it...
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    Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

    Come on Evo Dragon, you're the super duper expert on all things Pandora - what's it like? Worth it?
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    OMG amazing Square Enix Humble Bundle

    Enough games to last you months, for $14.99.
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    Deaf-staffed restaurant 'Signs' opening in Toronto

    Deaf restaurant Signs offers edible lessons in sign language | Toronto Star I don't really care for the reporter's tone, but the restaurant itself seems to have the right idea. I look forward to checking it out.
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Too bad it's been raining all morning, but it seems to have stopped now. Yesterday I walked home, and found a little neighbourhood called the Republic of Rathnelly which humorously declared independence from Canada on July 1st, 1967 (the centennial) in recognition of their own efforts in...
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    2014 Summer Steam Sale starts June 19th!

    Woo! I can't wait to buy more games I'll never get around to playing! Anyone else ready to pounce on the deals?
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    Sniper Elite 2 is currently FREE on Steam

    To promote Sniper Elite 3! Exor, you want this, go grab it! Sniper Elite V2 on Steam
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    GTA IV: Liberty City PD First Response

    Anyone play this? Mod for GTA IV (PC version only!) that lets you be the cops. You are there to enforce the law and deal with the day to day crimes that the real police have to handle: drunk people, traffic violations, fights. A new version came out a few months ago which greatly expands on...
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    CODA speaks out against those 'inspirational stories' of Deaf hearing again with CIs

    I wasn't sure whether this belonged here or in Our World, Our Culture so I played it safe and put it here. Why You Shouldn't Share Those Emotional 'Deaf Person Hears for the First Time' Videos - The Wire I think the article is good, but some of the ignorant comments are sickening.
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    "What the h*** is wrong with women today?"

    What the Hell is Wrong With Women Today? | Plentyoffish Sucks! Interesting reading, especially the comments below from similarly aggrieved men. As a POF user I unfortunately have to agree that it is almost impossible to get a conversation going with the women on there, nobody is good enough...
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    What drinking over 30 beers a day does to you

    WARNING: Upsetting pictures. Beverley Pickorer: Alcoholic mum faces death at 35 from chronic liver disease after drinking 40 cans a day - Mirror Online :shock:
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    Stupid things people ask interracial couples

    I really enjoyed this, especially her own answer to the second question. 8 Questions Interracial Couples Are Tired of Hearing | Grace Buchele
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    Pedophile alarm sounded over prosthetic leg

    False leg pervert alarm: Children evacuated from leisure centre after false leg causes pervert alarm - Mirror Online :run: PANIC! When I was a kid, not that long ago, you'd go to the pool with your family and there'd be other human males, of all ages, in the changing room with you. You'd...
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    Evolution of Playstation and Xbox joypads

    From here. Would love to see a Nintendo one, including the rather significant (but forgotten) evolutionary steps taken in the Virtual Boy's controller: You can see the N64 and Gamecube in there.
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    Xbox One retail stores?

    So decided to walk all the way home from work tonight (feeling depressed, went to ASL social only to find it was cancelled as venue closed due to Remembrance Day... anyway) and I passed a store that had the Xbox One logo on its frontage, and a guy and a girl outside in Xbox branded clothing...
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    GTA V's world in time lapse

    Posted here so more people will see it :p The incredible Southern California setting of GTA V, filmed with a time lapse camera. Grand Theft Auto 5 Time-Lapse: World in Motion - YouTube Koyaanisqatsi! It's now officially (for me) the point where I'm disappointed that these beautiful landscapes...
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    Skydiving cat

    Folksam - Parachuting cats [English] - YouTube NARRATOR: Eva, one of our four million owners, has a cat insured with Folksam. This one is for you. *song: I Believe I Can Fly* (I think it's the R Kelly version) NARRATOR: Visit and tell us what makes your heart beat faster.
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    USS Iowa

    A guy on another forum is volunteering on the USS Iowa, helping restore it while it's tied up in LA. Here are some of his pics of the ship both above and below decks, all the important stuff to keep the ship running day to day that you'll never normally see. • View topic...
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    Floating bridge in Russia

    Crossing a floating river bridge on MSN Video Halfway through they stop so a truck can pass... I feel sorry for the grey car!
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    Nuclear war-proof underground house I WANT IT. I love the really fake garden and cheesy murals so it's not just a shelter but an actual house and yard. If I had the money I would totally buy one, or maybe one of the missile silo...