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    BAHA - Painful?

    I had a BAHA in the mid 90s when I was about 8 years old. I recall inserting/removing the aid to be very uncomfortable. The thought of it still makes me cringe even 25 years later. As a child, I remember feeling a sense of relief when the abutment literally fell out of my head less than a year...
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    Thinking of becoming an audiologist

    I'm thinking about becoming an audiologist and changing my degree programme next year. Only problem is that my qualifications for university admission are IT related and not directly science related! Do you think my experience with deafness & HA's will be of much help? Both for admission and...
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    Purpose of swim molds?

    For years, I've been wearing swim molds whenever I shower because I'm "not to get water in my ear". However, I've been doing this for years without knowing why! Does anyone know why it's generally necessary for people to wear swim molds? I'm hoping that there's a generic answer for this...
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    I bought my friend lingerie

    I bought my friend lingerie the other day but now her asshole bf doesn't want her to talk to me anymore. Who is right or wrong here?
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    Wearing beanies

    I like to wear a beanie because they hide my HA. They also prevent it from getting wet. However, I always feel obliged to take it off when I enter a building, especially when I'm in a place where I'm likely to sit. I remember back in my college days, I attended a principal's welcome and we were...
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    Can anyone interpret my audiogram?

    I just scanned a copy of my audiogram and uploaded it to Flickr. It is mostly meaningless to me though. Can anyone interpret it? Link: Larger version: Cheers :) ExR
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    Deafness vs. Tourettes

    Would you swap your deafness for tourettes? Personally I wouldn't! Here's an interesting video: (no sign language) YouTube - Teenage Tourette's Camp
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    What technologies are on the horizon?

    What technologies are on the horizon to help HoH/Deaf people within the next 10 years? These can include: - Technical advancements - Medical/Surgical advancements Cheers ExR
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    Second Life

    Many of us enjoy socialising online, because it's often easier for us. With that in mind, has anyone here tried Second Life? Basically, Second Life is a virtual world where adults can create their own virtual characters. You can make your character look however you want. In a way, it's like The...
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    Captions in cinemas

    Is it true that if you go to a cinema, you can ask them to enable captions? I know many cinemas schedule films with captions, but I'm not sure if you can ask for it to be enabled. I'm sure that would p*ss off many hearing people. :D
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    Deaf & KFC drive-thru

    How do you guys go through KFC drive-thru (or any other microphone operated drive through for that matter) when you're alone? Here, KFC uses a microphone system where you're unable to see the operator while placing your order. You stop your car at a certain point, and speak into the...
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    Do people understand you?

    Sorry for the subjective title. Basically, do you think that most of your friends and family members understand your needs? I'm HoH and sometimes I think that my family & friends forget. For instance, they will often use an aggressive tone when asked to repeat something. Or, they may...
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    Taken Girls = No male friends?

    Firstly, sorry for the vague topic title! There's something I've been wondering about recently. It seems that many* females don't have male friends while they're in a relationship. For example, I've lost touch with many female friends shortly after they've entered a relationship with someone...
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    How do you like to socialise?

    Hi there, Out of interest, how do you like to socialise? Please vote in the poll. (Please don't vote if you're not deaf or HoH.) I am moderately HoH and I'm unable to identify the direction of sound. As a result, I have communication preferences because of it. For instance, I hate socialising...
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    Ear pressure issues

    Hi, Recently, I've had problems with ear pressure. For example, if I'm driving and if I go up or down a hill, the pressure in my ear will change and I will be unable to hear very well for awhile. Often it's possible to equalise the pressure by swallowing, or by pinching my nose and blowing out...
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    BAHA = Painful!?

    Over 10 years ago, I had a BAHA fitted. Within a year, the abutment (titanium screw) completely fell out, leaving me with a temporary hole in my head. Problem is that I still get occasional pains where my BAHA once was. Sometimes the pain comes on completely randomly, other times they are...
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    UK: Disability Living Allowance

    Anyone here with a moderate hearing loss who claims for Disability Living Allowance? (Or any other benefit associated with deafness?) I used to get it when I was younger, but when I last applied (7 years ago) I got rejected. Not sure if it's worth applying for it again. Any advice/related...
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    How old are you? :)

    Out of interest, how old are you? Vote in the poll!
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    Career dreams shattered by disability?

    So how many of you out there have had your career dreams shattered by your disability*? Personally, I've always wanted to be an airline pilot. However, it's unlikely that I'd be able to get qualified as one with moderate hearing loss. Though, I'm currently working with an organisation to...
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    Jobs that are out of bounds for the HoH

    I think it would be interesting to compile a list of jobs which may be difficult or impossible for someone who is moderately HoH to get into. Some I can think of: Fireman Paramedic Front line Police officer Airline pilot Fighter pilot Security guard Soldier It would also be interesting to...