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    Are there are 7 people

    Yep..there's one who looks exactly same me... Who?? My twin Bro.. will sent pic..hopefully soon alite.. :)
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    FINAL EXAMS...Yikes!

    Mine..already started at last fri and to yesterday..still unfinish..will be doing more today..dang it@!
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    Hey You!!!

    good idea..keep trying y'all..maybe it will added up to the World Guiness Book of Records for 1,000,000 reyplying or something..!
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    That's right God of LOVE. Exactly right..but this one stupid part..having sex in school swimming pool..idiot.. and uhh she liked him while she already had coma bf..idiot I think..
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    Matrix Reloaded (Possible spoiler infos. At your own risk.)

    Re: Matrix Reloaded already watched? HOW? here in IND.. Will be release Matrix Reload at tom (THURS)..ehh.. are you bs?? Where ya from?
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    Liar Liar pants on the Fire!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: Verrrry goood!!
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    are u interested in...

    I love music all the way. I'm deaf myself. I do hear little kinda like hard of hearing, but I rather to call my self deaf pride. So, I hear the car music, CDs, watch MTV, uhh I have about 30 CDs.. umm I hear indvidual music everynight when I do my homework. Lots of peeps thinks I can't hear, bez...
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    hello..twin daughter is that right.. I'm twin myself..maybe soon I'll show ya pic of my bro with pic..haha
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    Putting your deaf children in which schools...and why?

    Well.. I grew up here in Indiana School for the Deaf for 15 years. I've seen all around different deaf schools. And I defenifly will put my kid in ISD. There's some explanation here about ISD. What about ISD.. I went to ISD since 15 years.. I've compared to another deaf school since...
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    Indiana School for the Deaf

    hey jeff..that's not true.. I envy at the dorm.. You just dont really follow the rules. Just simpily follow the rules then you'll be all spoiled!!
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    This summer only for YLC

    Is anyone here is going to YLC this summer? I mean this summer.. If so..start replying the post! Bez my bro and I are accepted, wanna to start chatting with YLC kids this summer just eariler.. I won't be on line for about two month and half..I'll be wayyy busy with other camps just before to go...
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    usernames-what's the reason behind yours?

    uhh.. I'm always kinda in goofy mood everyday..that's me and jinx..ehh funny guy. I love to make everyone laugh everyday.. I always cheer up and smile 110 percent! uhh and 3..consired my lucky number and my football jersey num too.. (laughs)
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    Best blonde joke ever

    (laughs) found out in two..whew.. goody one..!
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    Breast Implant

    Wife and husband has been together for many years. And the wife always complained to her husmand about her small breast, she always wanted to have bigger breast. So, the husband took her to doctor to help her get bigger breast. The doctors gave her pills...pills.. It never worked. So, one day...
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    What's your matrix name?

    my name will be Jinx..kinda cool for me..
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    is it okay to cry?...

    sure, i do cry..there' nothing wrong with that.. honestyly some guys here say they don't cry..that's bull..if they don't. then that's not normal..need to express their feeling then will feel all better. uhh.. if cried too ofen..probability need some help or support( go to counseling) uhh... :)
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    damn..allison and jughead..Y'all off the point.. trying stay with YLC.. BUT as for allison.. THANKS
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    HEY!! Is anyone there is going to YLC this summer? My bro and I've been accepted so, wanna to make early contact with stranger or met someone already. That way, we won't be so shy in some way..haha If someone already went to YLC, could y'all give us some tips what we should bring?? or uhh...
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    Deaf schools or mainstream?

    Hey!! That's bull!! You failed in ISD!! You never studied!!