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    Online Hearing Tests?

    Has anyone ever tried online hearing tests? I was curious and I started looking around and found this website at Your Online Hearing Test and Audiogram Printout | Unbiased & Free (I don't know if anyone has tried this one here). I did one without my hearing aids in and seemed pretty...
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    Returning Member :) -waves-

    Hello, it has been quite some time since I last came here, so thought it would be okay to post here again to introduce myself. I came here when I was asking for help getting new hearing aids, which I have gotten, and then found myself a regular for a little bit, then got a bit busy with...
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    New HA's =)

    Today I had my appointment with a new audiologist. Had a hearing test (Don't remember the ranges, but my left ear has gone down; right is dead). What I like the most; no run around with my insurance like last time. They took it no problem and told me that it was approved. I like union...
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    Been a while XD ... Well ...

    I have been going through a lot over here ... but .. (on forum topic) ... Well my dad found this audi and I went with him and I liked that he worked with his budget too (helping lower the costs a little) ... I am thinking of going to him to see what he has (last audi kept running me around...
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    Looking for someone to practice with ..

    Hello, :wave: I am looking for someone to practice signing with. :) I hope this is the right spot to post this, lol. It's hard for me to get to ASL/Deaf events because of work and school. I have AIM, MSN, and CamFrog(just got it today). :shock: :ty:
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    I wrote a while ago about trying to get new HA's ... I got thrown back and forth a few times ... my insurance says that they pay up to $400 each ear and I pay the rest. but my audiologist (who is on the provider list) says it wont go through ... Meh .. I've pretty much decided to get my old...
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    Open Dissussion for CI's? (School Report)

    Is there a open discussion for CI's on this forum already (if there is please direct me to a link, I could not find it)? Topic: I really want to see others opinion of CI's (I have books, but the ones I have are dated back in 2002; there was nothing current). Debates against CI's, and ones for...
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    Asl 1

    Hello everyone! *waves* it has been a while since I came here. I have so much going on over here. :shock: I just started taking my classes this semester; just math and ASL 1. One thing I thought was cool was that our teacher is a CODA. So far, we are still going though the basic...
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    Don't Forget the Lyrics

    I am watching it and there is a girl playing on there in this episode who is deaf in one ear and playing for a surgery that will correct it so she can hear ... have anyone seen this show?
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    TransEar? Anyone use one?

    Hello, I was browsing around the site and I saw that someone mentioned this aid for single-sided deafness. I found it hard to believe that there was actually a HA out there that you could wear on your bad ear only ... it sounds nice! Only one aid, and no surgery! Does anyone have any...
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    ASL Music (Youtube)

    Recently I have been watching a lot of music in ASL on youtube and I really like these two and wanted to share: YouTube - I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me (I can only imagine) YouTube - Dont Laugh at Me (Don't laugh at me) If I posted this is the wrong area, please move. I wasn't sure...
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    Sign for "Vegan"

    I can't seem to find this; but I was wondering; what is the sign for saying "Vegan" "I am Vegan"
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    I am new here. ^_^

    I never actually formally introduced myself here before I started posting. You can call me Erika or ShyGirl. I am HoH since birth(100% deaf on right ear). :) Nice to meet everyone here.
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    Las Vegas Community?

    I didn't see a forum for anyone in Las Vegas, NV. Is there anyone else out there from vegas?
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    New with HA Questions and some.

    Hello; I am new here to these forums. I am fully deaf on my right side and I hear fine on my other side. It is hereditary; I have been that way since birth. But I also think my hearing on my other side is going as well. I might be calling an audiologist soon. Sometimes I do get ringing in...