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  1. Jolie77

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    Im thinking how my sleeping schedule has been messed up, grrr. Last night I went out to the Deaf Club with friends to celebrate NYE and I didn't go to bed until 5:30am. 2014 was a year full of changes and I hope 2015 will be as better! :D
  2. Jolie77

    A positive thread about absolutely nothing

    Come on over to Indy! The best part is I'm off all summer long! :giggle:
  3. Jolie77

    Who will win the Super Bowl?

    I would love for the Indianapolis Colts to win. Sue me, I'm biased. :) But, realistically, I think it will either be the Cowboys or Seahawks.
  4. Jolie77

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    Yes... in a way it is. A "theft" of our language to advance their sensation. Please take a look at this vlog. It talks about how it is viewed being oppressive as well. Just thought it was an interesting thought/pov.
  5. Jolie77

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    I'm thinking about how I've noticed there are some hearing people who uses ASL (to me, its like seeing simcom, not ASL) for their songs that are becoming viral. The more "likes" they get, the more they are asking to be funded with their new signing song videos. Language appropriation? :hmm:
  6. Jolie77

    What are you doing right now?

    I'm going to take an AllDeaf Sabbath. Have a nice spring/summer, Folks. ;)
  7. Jolie77

    What did you learn today?

    I get that. Been down that road. It is easier to get in the marriage but, the only reason it is easier because both sides are invested in it. Financially, it can be draining to get married (for some). The point I was getting at is that getting married also stirs up everything in another dimension.
  8. Jolie77

    Hitler may got unwittingly married to a Jew

    Thanks for the clarification. I was always taught that being jew itself is a religion. It just got me to wonder how it could be detected through the DNA testing. I suppose, the DNA tests will be able to line it up with showing the ancestry lines and wherever they fall at.
  9. Jolie77

    What did you learn today?

    That is where I will disagree with this statement. It does cost something to get married. It is not free to obtain a marriage license. Nevermind the wedding expenses, and it is a life changing event.
  10. Jolie77

    Hitler may got unwittingly married to a Jew

    Isn't being a Jew itself a religion? If so, how can it be detected through the blood or DNA? :confused: Isn't there something I am missing? :confused:
  11. Jolie77

    Deaf-friendly synagogues offer sign language interpreters

    Jewish Deaf Congress, Inc. Contact Us - Jewish Deaf Resource Center Have you tried reaching out to the Jewish Deaf Resource Center or any other Jewish Deaf agencies? I wasn't sure if you had done that part since you mentioned you have been reaching out to a jewish agency (hearing?). These...
  12. Jolie77

    Fashion Disasters

    Maybe its just me but I don't get why there's some women that wears an accessory scarf with a tshirt on. Its just distracting.....
  13. Jolie77

    Why eat at McDonald's or Taco Bell in mall food court?

    What's the big deal when McDonald's or Taco Bell are there? It gives people a choice to eat at either one or other joints in the mall.
  14. Jolie77

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    I'm thinking about what I need to keep or get rid of. Doing spring cleaning and by the look of the stuff I have - urgh, it makes me want to crawl under the blanket to avoid it but nooooo, I gotta do it lol
  15. Jolie77

    intelligent people more prone to use drugs - here's why ...

    I concur. This is why this article is pointless. Sure, it has some pointers which sounds convincing. But, in any dimensions - addiction are there right front of us. It cripples us. We all have an addiction whatever it may be in any form. It doesn't matter how intelligent one can be regardless of...
  16. Jolie77

    What did you learn today?

    Ha! I could as well say as much for the locker room talk. Now, that's criminal! :P
  17. Jolie77

    All Deaf Schools in 2020.

    Don't worry about him. I could care less after all it was just one simple question. It just shows who he really is.
  18. Jolie77

    warning for interpreters

    There are times that several different interpreting agencies that works together to share different interpreters for training sessions, conferences, speeches, so and on. But, I do wonder how that will work when there are shortages of terps in some cities that really needs it the most?
  19. Jolie77

    What did you learn today?

    Well, you know you can get in heaps of trouble, hahahaha :P
  20. Jolie77

    What did you learn today?

    I learned that it isn't a crime to talk. :lol: :P