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  1. deafbajagal

    My kid is possessed by a Sharpie Demon

    WHY do kids HAVE TO mark things with a Sharpie? Is it innate? It's like when they find a sharpie, the sharpie possesses them and takes over their bodies and they start writing on things, knowing they shouldn't. *facepalm*
  2. deafbajagal

    Funny Story

    I was introducing my class to research skills (on this particular day we were discussing the pros/cons and the dos/don'ts of using the internet as a source), and somehow they were discussing deaf topics, and one of the topic was about how one man wanted a deaf state. One of my students got...
  3. deafbajagal


    For people in a serious relationship or married...or has been... Flirting is healthy and normal. If your SO is flirting with someone else, where do you draw the line? What is okay? What is not?
  4. deafbajagal

    A School's Stupidity about the IDEA

    I have a daughter who has unilateral mixed hearing loss (severe-profound), and last year she was placed in the pre-k program for language delay issues. When her recent audiogram showed the hearing loss, I made a copy of it for the school and made a request for a full evaluation to be done...
  5. deafbajagal

    Night Owl and Morning Bird ZZZZs

    Who is wrong? He comes home at 1:00 a.m. from work (he works from 4 p.m. - 1 a.m.) and needs to unwind, which means he goes to bed at around 5 a.m. He unwinds by watching TV/movies with the lights on in the living room, kitchen, and hall. He wakes up at 1:30-2:00 p.m., gets dressed, and...
  6. deafbajagal

    Video Calls in the Car?

    First, don't pass judgement me and preach to me about safety or the law. I don't want to hear it. I want the capability to make calls while in the car. I'm thinking i-Pad2 (or any tablet) with velcro or something to be able to put it on the dashboard, and using some kind of program (ZVRS?)...
  7. deafbajagal

    Gallaudet: Losing deaf culture???

    Gallaudet University adjusts to a culture that includes more hearing students - The Washington Post Wow...what do you make of this? Are we making Gallaudet more hearing friendly?
  8. deafbajagal

    MYTH: "Teachers get the summers off."

    Teachers get the summers "off." :bsflag:
  9. deafbajagal

    Deaf People Learning ASL - Later.

    I'm really curious about something. For those of you are learned (or is learning) ASL (or any signing system) at a later time (especially late teen years or adulthood), did you find (are finding that) the deaf community (is) accepting and welcoming? Did you find (are finding) the support you...
  10. deafbajagal

    I Won't Fight Cancer Again

    Third time is supposed to be the charm. The last battle was probably the most scared, lonely, and angry I've ever been. I had symptoms, and it took nearly a year before my proper diagnosis. Ironically, it wasn't a specialist who discovered was actually someone at Planned Parenthood...
  11. deafbajagal

    My CI-related Questions

    1. What kind of rehabilitation training and support do you get in order to have the best use of your CI? Examples: * Auditory training? If so, how is it done? Where? When? * Speech recognition and auditory comprehension? 2. If you had or currently is using a CI while in school...
  12. deafbajagal

    I'm Getting a CI!!!

    I got to get a CI so I can post freely in Alldeaf! Apparently, there's this secret club. Who's joining me?!
  13. deafbajagal

    My smartphone makes me feel stupid!

  14. deafbajagal

    Old Flames on Social Networking Sites

    Suppose you found out that your spouse had someone on his/her list on a social networking site that you learned to be someone s/he slept with in the past. How would you feel about it?
  15. deafbajagal

    Not so Puzzling: My Hearing School Days

    People who know me well know that once I start working on a puzzle, I must remain at task until it is completely put together. I cannot stand for the puzzle to be uncompleted and left to be done at a later time. I hate missing pieces. One time there was a new puzzle that I had worked on...
  16. deafbajagal

    Hearing Family!

    I'm the typical deaf person who falls in the statistics that say more than 90% of deaf children are born into hearing families. I'm 32 years old, and I STILL am left out of my family affairs. Two days ago my sister was in the hospital, and no one bothered to let me know. I found this out...
  17. deafbajagal

    Spanking for Trivial Reasons :(

    Caught on tape: Parents spanking for trivial reasons | BabyCenter
  18. deafbajagal


    Etiology kicked my butt today when I was taking an exam about teaching deaf and hard of hearing kids. What is your etiology? How did you become deaf? Mine is unknown.
  19. deafbajagal

    New Diet Plan - with Almased

    I'm thinking about a new diet plan with Almased: Almased Synergy Diet - An all-natural weight loss system. I'm not a fan of liquid diets but I've read on this one and it seems to have some promising results. I really need something to kickstart my weight loss.
  20. deafbajagal

    Easter Basket Ideas

    I need some fresh ideas on themes to make an Easter Basket for my four year old and nine year old girls. I've done: * "Beach" (Beach towel, sand toys, water bottle, beach hat, shovel/pail, etc.) * "Ladybug" (Ladybug dress, shoes, stuffed ladybug, etc.) * "Ballet" (tutu, ballet shoes...