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  1. Angel1989

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    How losing just one hour made the day go by way too fast.
  2. Angel1989

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Checking AD, it’s been a long time. Hope everyone is doing well.
  3. Angel1989

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Hubby and I watch her every night. God we sound old but we really do like her attitude.
  4. Angel1989

    More Snow

    We had a freak hail storm today. An hour before we left the house it was 50 degrees. Went outside, so windy, big hail and the temps dropped over ten degrees. Thought we were going to have a long stormy day, but it cleared up and we had plenty of sunshine.
  5. Angel1989

    What would you rather be doing right now??

    I would rather be up and cleaning house, putting away all the Christmas stuff. I had major oral surgery on Tuesday, they had to move my sinuses plus operate on both sides of my mouth. If I bend over the pain is intense. So, I will be resting up a few more days which is fine since we are...
  6. Angel1989

    Shots fired at fort lauderdale airport

    So sad, I hate that this has become such a common occurrence.
  7. Angel1989

    How is your weather today part II

    Big storm on the way, been getting flash flood warnings all day. Luckily we live on a hill so we will be good. January has been a great rain month so far.
  8. Angel1989

    How are you feeling today? Part II

    I'm feeling happy. Excited I got all my Christmas shopping done today. Hubby had today off all the way through Monday. Tonight we drove through this amazing light show at our church. They get 3000+ cars a night drive through it. Then we drove through a close neighborhood that really decks...
  9. Angel1989

    How are you feeling today? Part II

    Laura, can understand the difficulties we have when our loved ones are sick and in the hospital, especially this time of year. Sending prayers to you and your family for a quick recovery for your mom.
  10. Angel1989

    Berlin christmas market - truck driving in on people

    My daughter is traveling to Berlin next week and will spend New Years Eve with her German friends. Makes me incredibly nervous.
  11. Angel1989

    How soon after surgery can I wash my hair?

    I washed my hair after 48 hours. It wood have drove me crazy having to wait two weeks to wash my hair.
  12. Angel1989

    Show off your Christmas tree!

    Beautiful tree Jess. I'm definitely going to need to put some more something on my tree. I thought I was done until I see all these great tree pictures.
  13. Angel1989

    Pearl Harbor Remembered

    My brothers birthday is Dec. 7th also. Happy birthday to all that share the same birthday day.
  14. Angel1989


    Authentic, you are right AD became way too slow. A lot of the fun people left because they were tired of some stuff going on here. It would be great to get AD back to where it was.
  15. Angel1989

    How is your weather today part II

    We are getting into the upper 20's low 30's tonight. Nice and cool.
  16. Angel1989

    Meet harpo my guide dog!

    Vorsia, Harpo is adorable. So happy to hear how great you are doing with him. I so admire your strength.
  17. Angel1989

    What's new how is everyone big smile

    Vorsia, so nice to see you posting. You sound very happy. I hope you and the family are all doing well.
  18. Angel1989

    Christmas presents

    I walked the mall twice and could not for the life of me find gifts for people on my list. I shopped as much as I could online but for some reason this year have zero ideas. We did get our tree, it's up with lights and some decorations. Outside is all decorated which is great since this year...
  19. Angel1989

    How is your weather today part II

    The super cold front that is coming down from Alaska is now going to miss us. Still pretty chilly here.
  20. Angel1989

    How is your weather today part II

    Put my electric blanket on my bed tonight. I keep my house pretty cold, 64 degrees. I would keep it cooler than that but my husband would freeze.