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  1. NaidaUP

    Need advice on the Phonak Roger!

    I’ve got the Roger Pen which I use regularly throughout the day. Just today I streamed from it from 9.30am to 8.15pm. I use it a lot. What I want to know is, is it best for me to use up the battery completely and then charge it or to charge it when you get the first low battery warning?! I...
  2. NaidaUP

    Love the color of my new HA!

    Altho the color is actually vanity Pink, it looks more red and my favourite color is red. Just had to share a picture. It’s such a cool color.
  3. NaidaUP

    FOR SALE - A pair of Phonak Naida Q70 SP Offers free programming as well. :-)
  4. NaidaUP

    For Sale - Phonak Naida Q70 UP.

    Phonak Naida Q70 UP in silver gray. 2016 serial number. Only been kept as a spare. In good clean condition. Listed on eBay.
  5. NaidaUP

    Bone Anchored Hearing Aid.

    Anyone got a BAHA? I’ve got a conductive loss which results in needing a lot of power through my hearing aids. My MPO is above the recommended 132db. My AC results are 50db in the lows, 65db in the mid and 25db in the highs. My BC results are all between 0db and 10db. I had an BAHA...
  6. NaidaUP

    AB Naida CI decoration.

    Found this decorated AB Naida CI in Google. Thought it looked pretty cool!
  7. NaidaUP

    Phonak has & program changes.

    I've got the Phonak Sky Q70 with a MyPilot Remote. I have my automatic program, ZoomControl, StereoZoom, DuoPhone and 2 x Roger FM programs, one of which is EasyRoger / FM. Plus my ComPilot programs. I find I never change programs myself. I never use ZoomControl or StereoZoom. My DuoPhone is...
  8. NaidaUP

    Phonak tv link ii

    I wear 2 x Phonak Sky Q70 UPs and I've got the ComPilot. I've just ordered a TV Link II to listen to TV. What I want to know is can I leave my room with my TV in with my ComPilot still round my neck and be able to walk back in and the ComPilot and TV Link II re connect on its own? Thanks.
  9. NaidaUP

    Ear Molds For Profound Loss

    I'm due for new ear molds on Friday and I really want to try skeleton molds. Anyone on here with a profound loss use skeleton molds? I have to pay for my ear molds so not sure if I want to risk wasting my money on getting molds that won't be any good. I currently have hard full shell ear molds.
  10. NaidaUP

    Getting Rid Of The Jungly Start Up Tune On Your Digital Has.

    I know there's been a lot of complaints about people who are used to analog HAs not enjoying the start up tune on digital hearing aids. My audiologist has got rid of mine completely on my Phonak Sky Q70 UPs. She did it by selecting the fitting formula for 0 to 3 years and then changing all...
  11. NaidaUP

    Proud owner of the Phonak DECT Phone.

    I've had the new Phonak Phone now for a couple of days and it's truly an awesome phone. Being profoundly deaf HA wearer all my life, I've gone from having to type my calls to being able to hear on the phone to 'most' people for the first time in my life. I find it much better then t coil /...
  12. NaidaUP

    Help to get hearing aids if on low income.

    I came across this from a friend. I know nothing about it but I've never seem it mentioned in this forum so thought I would share in case someone is struggling to buy hearing aids and comes looking on here. My friend got 2 x Phonak Solana Micro Ps for free. They are used tho but have been re...
  13. NaidaUP

    'Skinit' designs are now available for Phonak hearing aids!

    iPhone 5 Cases, Custom Phone Covers & Skins For Electronics | Skinit - then search Sky Q. They are available for the Phonak Sky Q M_13 / Phonak Nios S / Phonak Bolero Q M_13 Phonak Sky Q RIC / Phonak Naida RIC Phonak Sky Q SP / Phonak Naida SP Phonak Sky Q UP / Phonak Naida UP.
  14. NaidaUP

    DAI Leads for listening to music with hearing aids.

    Hey. Just wanted to let you know that I got a lead a little while ago to listen to music and it's way better then the Connevans ones for distortion, clarity and volume. Well worth a look if you are struggling for volume when using your DAI leads etc. They post aboard so thought I...
  15. NaidaUP

    Phonak Smartlink Transmitter (FM System)

    If anyone is interested and has the Naida Spice or Quest and also the Smartlink, if the Smartlink is selected in the software, the Smartlink also acts as a remote control for program changing and volume control. It may work with the Naida Core as well but I don't know for sure. Phonak...
  16. NaidaUP

    Earmolds and sweating?

    I'm wanting to get people's views on what type of earmold is better to help with the hot weather and getting sweaty ears which for me, then turns in to ear infections. Does anyone find a certain earmold material better then others? I wash my earmolds every night without fail but trying...
  17. NaidaUP

    Phonak Naida S IX UPs

    Anyone got the Phonak Naida S IX UPs or other Phonak high end hearing aids? I'm wondering how the 'automatic' ZoomControl and StereoZoom works? Do I have to touch my hearing aids at all for it to work? On the Phonak Naida S V UPs, the ZoomControl and StereoZoom is not classed as automatic...
  18. NaidaUP

    Long Shot but has anyone had Mid-foot Fusion Surgery?

    I had a letter from my surgeon asking me to see him regarding fusing my mid-foot joints on my left foot. My surgeon said its a very complicated surgery compared to other parts of the feet and can often leave people in more pain. Anyone had mid-foot fused and has it worked for you? Are...
  19. NaidaUP

    Beaten up for being Deaf!

    Big Brother winner Josie Gibson's deaf brother attacked in Bristol 'because he couldn't give thugs directions' - Mirror Online
  20. NaidaUP

    Nozifree Ear Hooks (T Coil) Experiences?

    I can get hold of a pair of Nozifree Ear Hooks on eBay despite being in the UK. I'm interested in them because it says 'Clarity in Speech and Music' on the front which gained my interest as I struggle to hear with t coil despite my program being adjusted loads. Anyone use them and find...