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  1. peekaboo

    Talents shows?

    Hey ya'll... does anyone here like to watch reality or talents shows, if so which ones and why?? :)
  2. peekaboo

    TTY / TDD

    I am wondering has anyone here made any international calls with tty and or a tdd? If so, how much did it cost?
  3. peekaboo

    5 things.

    Okay, you buggers, This is a very touchy subject, all viewers subscription is advised! :D lol j/k What 5 things that you can't possibly live without? Me... Cheesecake ( if you have repeated this from your own lips and questioned it...) then Yes, you have read it right the first time :D Music...
  4. peekaboo


    Hey ya'll... Do you have any regrets in your life that you wished that you could take back and thought damn why did I do that or wished that you could have done it differently? I have so many things in my past life that I wished that I could just go back and re-do them again and do it right...
  5. peekaboo


    I didn't feel like scrolling through 50 pages to see if anyone asked this. SO I will just get right to my point and question? Is animated avatars allowed here???
  6. peekaboo

    what do you think will happen when end times comes??

    here is a clip from FB I copy from someone who posted this. Scary to even think this might happen. What do you think will happen... IF it ever happens in our lifetime?!
  7. peekaboo

    How is your weather like?

    Its 88 degrees today. Nice hot, partly cloudy. its going to be a hot hot summer here :D I am actually looking forward to laying out this year!
  8. peekaboo

    Favorite Recipe.....

    Hey you guys, do you all have THAT ONE favorite recipe that you cook for yourself that you can share with us? I have one that you guys will love Called Hash Brown Casserole. here is what you will need. 1 (2 pounds) package frozen hash brown potatoes, thawed 1/2 cup melted butter 1...
  9. peekaboo

    Friend OR Foe?

    Have anyone here ever wondered who your true friends? I have none... nothing when it comes to friends. I have had some true friends growing up throughout the schools years and through my ex b/f friends... but were they truly my friends, or was it a phrase passing through? I don't ever recall...
  10. peekaboo

    Has anyone ever told you to stop acting too white or too black?

    I had someone look me in the eye and told me to STOP acting so WHITE... What does that mean? I am white and I can't help but act white I dont know how to act anything else but white. I just don't understand what they mean by this. Can someone please explain to me what do they mean? Has anyone...
  11. peekaboo

    A place you can watch movies WIth CC ONLINE!

    I found this site and its a pretty good website. Check this out deafies and HOH!!!! I go here to watch my tv series and watch movies. Its in CC ( Closed Caption) check out it!!! :D :D :D
  12. peekaboo

    what year were you born?

    I was born in the late 60's. I showing my age here, and I am OK with that :D my hair is def showing it, I have shiny silver-grey hairs to prove it. lol. other than that... I ain't complaining. No wrinkles ... yet! lol If you had a time machine which era you wished you had been born in...
  13. peekaboo

    Closed Captioning Movies for the DHH

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, if moved, I will understand....What I want to know is why don't they have CC for the DHH in their movies online? this bothers me a great deal as I want to watch a movie and yet it is not CC and on top of that, I have to wait a few months if...
  14. peekaboo

    What was your favorite candy bar or candy as a kid?

    Okay easy question... I am just making time and thought why not ask ya'lls favorite candy? easy question right? :D Sooooooooooo............... WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE CANDY BAR OR CANDY GROWING UP? mine was reese's cup, butterfinger, mars bar, now or later, mm's, sweet-tart, charms lollipops...
  15. peekaboo

    listening to music.....

    okay you deafies and hoh.... Do you like to listen to your music loud on speakers blaring? or put on your headphone where you can feel the drum beats close to your eardrums. Me personally I like to wear my headphones so I can blare it in my ears! LOL :D
  16. peekaboo

    How do you like your coffee??

    I like 4-5 personally myself. I have a cup every morning for breakfast, sometimes in the afternoons when I get off work , and when I am off from work, I like to drink some at night to unwind, I love the taste of coffee with cream and sugar :D
  17. peekaboo

    How many of you went to MSSD? Model Secondary School for the Deaf?

    I wanted to go to this school so bad but was told NO. I wished that I had and maybe I would have gotten a better chance learning something. I didn't learn anything in mainstream schools because I didn't feel welcome there. Most hearing people will think HOH belong in a mainstream schools because...
  18. peekaboo

    do you still keep in touch with your old friends from school?

    I havent heard of any of them in a long time. I lost contact with most of them. Most of my friends are deaf/hoh. I didnt have that many hearing friends.
  19. peekaboo

    which do you prefer?

    this game is pretty easy... Example: cake or pie... Pick one or the other can pick both. After you answer, then list two things someone may pick from your choice. :D I'll start first White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate
  20. peekaboo

    What does your Audiogram say about you???

    I am in the range 70-90. I have a severely hearing loss. How about you? :)