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  1. DoVip

    Does anyone who has experience Cyber-security?

    Hello, I want to learn about Cyber-security because I just need job. Have you experience Cyber-security before? I am just curious. lol
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    Hey everyone! What's up! How are ya'll?! Of course I know you miss me so much! Lol :):wave:
  3. DoVip

    World Financial Group

    Hello everyone! My name is Duy Le. I just want to tell you about WSB (World System Builder) that education. Just one of our thousands of examples on how our WSB NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR FINANCIAL LITERACY has been affecting many families including governmental bodies all over the USA AND Canada...
  4. DoVip

    Referring You For Uber From Me.

    Hello folks! I use at Uber to make money with my car & you can too. Sign up to receive your $1000 reward! Use my link for $1000 extra: :)
  5. DoVip

    I Am Back! But For Awhile A Flyer. :)

    Hello I am back for very long time ago! :) Gentlemen and Laides, I just want to tell you for an information. I work for World Financial Group business, this will take 15 mins information. Please join our Free Financial class on Tuesday or Saturday for to learn how to save money for you through...
  6. DoVip

    Ask question

    Hello everyone! I just wanna ask one question you guys lol. What are you giving up for lent? :hmm:
  7. DoVip

    Help me! Someone is trying to kill me!

    :nana::rockon::lol::dj::afro:April fool's day!:giggle::laugh2::angel::fruit::thumb::rl:
  8. DoVip

    Question about Unix

    What does an operating system do? :cool2:
  9. DoVip

    One question

    Everybody, what are other healthy foods people should eat? I am just curious. :hmm:
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    1. What does Mr. Master mean by "clay"? What is the danger of being clay? 2. What does Mr. Master mean by "rock"? How does a person become a rock? Just curious. :D
  11. DoVip

    my lady broke up with me..

    I know you are asking me why....because she said...: "I think we need a break for a while, I'm feeling very overwhelmed about our communication problem. After I learn asl, we should see eachother again. I'm sorry, I just feel like our relationship is based off a fog of understanding. I want...
  12. DoVip

    Drunk and drive

    OMG (beep)! The cops got me so i thought I was good to drive. however, I was pulled over and field tested. I passed the test and the cops AND .0799% that holy fuckin shit! They almost fuckin arrest me! so they didn't suspend my license........they excused me.. I shouldn't look my phone during...
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    I can't believe this. She has two dates, and I am single. SMH
  14. DoVip

    Guess what happened?

    I went to the 24 fitness for 2 hours after home, BUT while I was driving on the street, i saw there is one cat dead on street, and crush it! Oh &#%! Jesus Christ! It was accident I couldn’t control myself because I can’t see too dark...I’m so tired....Maybe im f^#*ed up...:zzz:
  15. DoVip

    YO whats up!

    No talk so long time in here! Ya'll how are you doin? :wave:
  16. DoVip


    I need help for grammar. I say, "how can I be stop laugh?" is my grammar good?
  17. DoVip

    attn: authentic!

    Unbelievable! finally i met you at the bar. lol:wave:
  18. DoVip

    Ghostbusters The Video Game

    anybody does it have subtitle? i wanna know. thanks
  19. DoVip

    Animation GIF II

    so i made to my old animation pics for 2005 - 2007. Here. :cool2:
  20. DoVip

    Webcam/Chat tonight! 8pm EST Room name TD/AD Deafchat and pw: tagdeaf. Hope to see you there! :D