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    Deaf Nation: 2016!

    I have been to deaf events before but nothing of this gravity! I am planning to attend this in 2016 and I am curious and would like to know if anyone has ever been to this event? Can you please tell me what sorts of things there are to do and what is done at an event like this? Thanks to...

    The numbers game!!!!!

    Greetings, Denizens of the world! :wave: Today as I write this post, I wish to play a game that never ends, or for as long as this website shall exist, this game shall continue to play on!:giggle: So, without a further-a-do, I shall list the simplicity of this game! [1).You are allowed...

    Greetings everyone!

    Greetings everyone and hello to this wonderful community I am ever so proud of to be a Member and to be apart of! My name is Kevin but my nickname I have been using since 2008 is "MEGATRONICATRON" I am a very fond lover of the "TRANSFORMER" movies and hence, why I use the name "MEGATRON"! I...