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    last visited: 10-14-2013 at 07:55 PM

    Checking in.
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    Instagram: follow me

    I'm trying to get more followers. Follow me! @nadr0wski Instagram
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    Hey Thomas Deaferson

    Ready to sign the declaration of silent dependence?
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    Google+ invitations

    Post your email here if you want to get invited.
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    Have you seen this dog?

  6. kevbo

    Poker in *NJ/NY*

    If you are around by and want to play some poker games then go to SICD!
  7. kevbo

    Best motivation poster

    It's true.
  8. kevbo

    Deleted friend's GF from facebook v. why should that be an issue? (it is)

    Being that we are not in high school, why would it be an issue if I (or anyone else) deleted my/their friend's girlfriend from my facebook friends list? I basically went through and deleted people I never talk to. Now granted, do I like her? No, not really. But that's not why I deleted her... I...
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    Hey try doing this and see if it works or not...

    I'm feeling kinda dizzy now bros! :shock:
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    Going to Thailand in December

    I so can't wait. :naughty:
  11. kevbo

    Lol @ thread delete, i still got ur facebook lol

    :bowlol: Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
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    Apple MacBook Pro 15

    It is great condition and runs great too. I need cash to pay my rent. I'm selling it for $1,000 Hardware Overview: Model Name: MacBook Pro 15" Model Identifier: MacBookPro2,2 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.33 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2...
  13. kevbo

    Who has T-Mobile G1?

    You can call Tmobile and ask a representative to credit you worth of 12 months of voice plan ($19.99) which is about $240. All you have to say you are not happy and you want get credits and they will credit your account. :shock: I love my G1!
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    need to get more hits... what can i do to improve my site?
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    If I hit jackpot on a slot machine...

    I would try and not get excited but I would turn around, give a little smirk and say "I'm just that good." in sign language. :cool2:
  16. kevbo

    Where can I hide bodies online?

  17. kevbo

    i want to buy Wii

    Any1 wants to get rid of it and sell it to me?
  18. kevbo

    JOB in Philly, PA

    I'm thinking about moving to Philly sometime next month or so. Before I move out, I must find a job in Philly or outside of Philly. Do you know where I can get a job? I prefer computer fields.
  19. kevbo

    Nsad 2007

    Who is going to NSAD this weekend? I'm playing for NJ Bombers.
  20. kevbo

    NFL Deaf Survivor Pool

    Hello football is coming up very soon. I have decided to run a NFL survivor pool this year. Please let me know if you are interested. 1. Cost – $20.00 per entry. 2. One entry per name. An entrant can have multiple entries. 3. Prize Pool – Winner takes all. 4. Entrant must predict the...