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  1. Wolfboy

    Calling all DS lite owners!

    I accidently knocked over my niece's DS lite from the coffee table to the floor(Oops. wasn't that high though :| ) and the top screen cracked. Normally I fixed this on my own but I dont have any time. I was wondering if any of you knows a place that can replace top screen and is legit. I tried...
  2. Wolfboy

    A question to those who travel with laptop.

    I just brought 2 new laptop. My mother is leaving to mexico by plane. She taking the laptops so I was wondering will the security x-rays damage the laptops? Or it should be fine?
  3. Wolfboy

    To Catch a Predator

    I couldn't sleep so I end up watching tv and while I was flipping the channels this caught my eyes. Its called "To Catch a Predator" on MSNBC. I am amazed that they caught a lot of child predators. They set a decoy pretending that they are 12-15 year olds online and lure them to their house...
  4. Wolfboy

    Ever felt like flying with a jetpack?

    Now here is your chance. A German aviator designs some cool looking jet propelled wings and takes them for a test flight. Simply amazing. Link: Jet Wings - Pretty cool huh hell I wanna try it :D PS: Anyone missed me? :D
  5. Wolfboy

    Anyone see this?

    I cant believe I missed this :( Ah well there is a next year. I hope Ill see her at the orgy :naughty:
  6. Wolfboy

    Just Cause

    Anyone played this? This game is awesome. Its a mix of GTA and farcry. The map is huge. It tooke me 30 mins or more to get on the other side of the island. Very nice graphics and bloom effects. You can do a lot of crazy stunts. Highly recommend it. The pc version is out but its comming on 360...
  7. Wolfboy

    Playing online

    I got question. Is it possible to play online with others who have xbox live if you are on a pc in some certain games? Like Doom3, Prey, Fear, ect.
  8. Wolfboy

    Router Issues

    I need some help here with this Linksys router. I have WRT54G v3.1 router and its pissing me off alot lately for a couple months. I have rebooted this thing so many times to the point that is really ridiculous. Slow connections, cannot displayed site, broken pics, ect. I mean my god man im...
  9. Wolfboy

    Bad Drivers

    I know or probably see this kind of thread alot but damn these bad drivers. I had a close encounter today. I was driving back home from my second job and I was at the stop light when it was red. When it turned green I went and this damn driver still went gassin it probaby trying to outrun the...
  10. Wolfboy

    Man steals 60 games in pants

    Sometimes the simplest plans are the most effective. One gamer managed to steal 60 PlayStation Portable games from a Myrtle Beach Blockbuster yesterday, not by digging a tunnel or using some secret spy equipment--he simply stuck them in his pants, reports According to a...
  11. Wolfboy

    Baked Beans

    One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love. When it became apparent that we would marry, I made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans. Some months later, on my birthday, my car broke down on the way home from work. Since I lived in the countryside I called my husband and...
  12. Wolfboy

    Need a little help here.

    Yo, you guys probably dont remember me but I need a some help buying a new laptop. I know this isnt the right place but more member comes here so I need a fast anwser. My brother is a Sgt. in the marine corps and is station in Iraq. He just called me a while ago and man its good to hear his...
  13. Wolfboy

    Multi Touch

    A friend send this link to me and I just gotta show it to you all. Aint this the coolest thing you ever seen? Man I love to get me one of this.....that is if we can :| Hopefully :D
  14. Wolfboy

    Finally the Wolf has....

    Come Back!!! Yo whatsup. Anyone missed me? I came around here yesterday but I dont know where to start so here I am and whats new? :D
  15. Wolfboy

    Hey uhhh I need some advice.

    I got a birdnest between my a/c in the window of my room. I first heard chirping so I went to check it out and I found the nest. This is the second time I found a nest. So I want to remove it but when I look deeper I saw some chicks in them. First time was empty now this time chicks are in...
  16. Wolfboy

    Ask me anything...

    I just got off work early so Im kinda bored....Ok that aint true Im really bored. So ask me anything. :fingersx: :beer:
  17. Wolfboy

    Proper Manners........

    During class, a teacher trying to teach good manners asks the students,one by one - "Michael, if you were on a date, having supper with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?" she asked. "Just a minute, I have to go piss" The teacher...
  18. Wolfboy

    Those who have...

    Hotmail. Are you having problems there? When ever I leave hotmail a popup came up called aurora then opens 16 windows with same hotmail link I just left and crashed my pc. I have anti-virus and spyware doctor and I cant find the problem. Anyone one know what to do? Im leaving to work right...
  19. Wolfboy

    Damn thats....

    scary. My house is haunted as hell. Just a while ago I heard a loud growl like a wild animal comming at me and nothin is around. I was like :shock: what the hell was that? Also before my room shakes like someone walking in my room. That always wakes me up. One time I woke up due to the shaking I...
  20. Wolfboy

    Can you guys..

    Help me out here. I need to find a cheap burner for any media. Now I know this is a wrong area to put in but more members hang out at General Chat than the computer section. The reason I need one cuz my sister wants me to burn a couple music for my grandmother (yes she is back in the hospital :(...