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  1. Anij

    Asl English Gloss (from An D/hoh Asler)

    Working backwards is hard. I'm trying to remember what the English GLOSS for and ASL sign is - and it's just disappeared from my brain! (The meaning in both ... so I can't even use it in context) I don't live in an area with a lot of ASLers now (and having moved halfway across the country...
  2. Anij

    ASL vocabulary for Yoga postures ?

    I've looked everywhere, and so far I've only found a few signs for the various specific Yoga postures/poses. My local Deaf community doesn't really have anyone who knows the poses either .. so I'm stuck. Does anyone know of signs for the 26 Bikram postures (and if possible Ashtanga ones as...
  3. Anij

    Signing Santa :)

    I'm very fortunate to live in a city where there is a large Hoh/Deaf community - and a large ASL community (with thousands of hearing people who take ASL classes each year) One of the fun events that takes place here close to Christmas is the Signing Santa that visits with hearing, Hoh and...
  4. Anij

    Recommend good ASL movies ?

    I know this has been discussed in the past here (back in 2005 etc) , however I wanted to start something a bit more "current". I'm looking for some GOOD ASL movies that are available on DVD (or viewable online). We all know about the more "mainstream" movies like Children of a Lesser...
  5. Anij

    iPhone verses Blackberry for Hoh

    Still doing the "great debate" about upgrading from my Blackberry Curve (8310) to a newer phone. I like the BB curve - I do a lot of texting, IM, emailing & reading ebooks - not so much when it comes to web or games. I've heard that the iphone "keyboard" is more difficult to type fast on...
  6. Anij

    Upgrading from BB curve 8510 to newer cell suggestions?

    I've had my BlackBerry curve (8310 - GPS, no WiFi) for about 2.5years now and I'm able to do a hardware upgrade if I want. Just and FYI - I'm deaf on my right side, and have mild/mod hearing loss on the left ... I am able to use the phone (with people I know, who speak clearly, in a very...
  7. Anij

    Suggestions - teaching my hearing 5month niece ASL

    Hi everyone ! For those who don't already know I'll give a bit of history :) I'm Hoh/Deaf (and we think mild CAPD/APD) from a hearing family. I use both spoken English & ASL to communicate. Although I actually prefer ASL, most of the time I have to rely on speechreading/listening because...
  8. Anij

    ASL bible online (OT & NT) ???

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a place online to view bible passages in ASL (I would like to be able to look up the common lectionary readings each week). I know that deafmission has an online NT that is searchable (still has some issues) but I Haven't been able to find anything for the...
  9. Anij

    BTE for mild/mod - suggestions ?

    Hi everyone !! I currently use a Phonak MAXX 211 for my mild/mod (it's weird and does flux-y things) I like the MAXX but it's "entry level" and very basic OTM ... 1 listening program, no blend for O&T (say for an FM system in class?) I've had it for about 5 years ... and am pondering...
  10. Anij

    Speechreading help ?

    This is probably an odd question coming from me ... (who was oral, before sign etc._ does anyone have any speechreading tips/websites ?? I used to be much better at it (I thought) ... but lately I've gotten lazy about it - I sign more, have interpreters in class, use my HA more ... and my...
  11. Anij

    BB curve or a 8700r?? which is better for us hh/d?

    'Im about to get my very first BB ... I'm looking at either the curve or an 8700r - opinions on which is better ?
  12. Anij

    Blackberry and computer based tty in Canada

    I'm thinking of giving up my land line (TTY & Voice) and switching just to Cell and computer - BUT I have some questions that I'm hoping fellow Canadians can help me with ??? Can we use a Blackberry (Rogers network) as a TTY with relay in Canada ( in the USA you can call Relay with a...
  13. Anij

    Books on Deaf Culture etc - recommendations

    I'm not sure if there's already a thread on this but... I thought it would be valuable to make a list of important books relating to Deaf Culture, Community, Language etc.
  14. Anij

    MP3 Players ??

    I'm not sure where to post this ... I'm sort of debating trying an MP3 player to try listening to music and audiobooks, and to maybe watch movies on -??? I'm 'technically' Hoh (I can use an amplified phone if needed) ... and have a BTE and Audio boot ... but I'd still need something that...
  15. Anij

    Online Relay in Canada ? Will it ever happen ?

    Maybe I'm just missing something, but with all the various USA only internet relay services ... why is there nothing in canada (yes , I know we have no funding... ) I have my Uniphone that I use as my primary phone/TTY but I'd really rather prefer being able to use my computer ... or for that...
  16. Anij

    Canadian internet relay ????

    ok .. I'm sure this has been discussed a million times in the past but ... I live in canada & I'm Hoh/Deaf ... I am able to use an amplified phone with my BTE - however (with the exception of a very very few people - ok actually 1 person) the phone isn't something that is "comfortable"...
  17. Anij

    My website

    I'm currently building my first Website Please take a minute to look around :D ( FYI some of my pages DO have background music on them ) I'm trying to think up a good domain name so I can switch off my current "yucky" webspace. Suggestions are welcome - I want to have both SMA and...