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  1. society's_child

    my cheapo organization...

    ...has asked if i'd be willing to interpret for any deaf that come in for job interviews or are included in staff meetings. :roll: now i'm not going to say who i work for but it IS a government agency. the reason why they've asked me to interpret is because i'm not certified and i'm already an...
  2. society's_child

    Hello, i'm back.

    Just dropping in to say:wave:
  3. society's_child

    The poor bird...

    :lol: YouTube - Bird
  4. society's_child

    just me dropping by again..'s been ages. How is everyone? :wave:
  5. society's_child

    Deafies: your opinion?

    I've been away for months and here I go generating discussion. :lol: Anyway, how do you feel about this? As a black person who is hearing, I've never much been bothered by it. I thought his point of view is interesting. YouTube - Deaf Power @ Mods: sorry if i've posted this in the wrong...
  6. society's_child

    Joseph Anderson..deaf actor.

    ...he played the role of 15 year old Cole in the movie Mr. Holland's Opus. When I first saw the film in the theatre, I was crushing on him so hard. :wag: I thought he was soooo cute! Now almost 15 years after I first saw it, I find myself wondering whatever happened to him? :hmm: He just kinda...
  7. society's_child

    BSL vlog.. can someone interpret please?

    I'd like to hear his story. Thank you in advance. :ty: YouTube - Peter Tell Story About Hearing Teasing Deaf
  8. society's_child

    The Kabir show.

    I thought this was pretty funny. :lol: YouTube - The Kabir Show - Deaf Comedian -
  9. society's_child

    I ought to know this by now..

    ..but I honestly don't know how to sign: next year. I know the sign for next, and i know the sign for year, but I think the way i've been doing it really isn't true ASL. help?
  10. society's_child


    Saw the trailer a couple of times on tv...long story short, it was a huge letdown for me. I declare now that it will be a box office disappointment. :doh: :2c:
  11. society's_child

    Coincidence at the Apple Store yesterday...

    ...I went for a tutorial on digital camera and downloading pictures to iPhoto. The sessions are called One-to-One and that's exactly what it is. One of the staff members will sit down with you and help you through any technical issues you have. Long story short, the staff person assigned to me...
  12. society's_child


    Best new sitcom of the fall, hands down! :lol:
  13. society's_child

    Just got a Mac!

    And I am LOVING it! Just had to shout it from the rooftops. :) I can't ever see myself going back to a pc ever again..
  14. society's_child

    Age old question..

    ...for all you tech-eggheads. :cool2: PC or Mac? Which do you prefer and why? I'm agonizing over which I should purchase. :ty:
  15. society's_child

    Cochlear implant intervention.

    Omg, I spotted this on Youtube...just had to share. It's a bit long but quite funny. @ Mods: please move to the correct forum if needed. :ty: YouTube - The Intervention show of deaf guy, parent want him get cochlar implant.. Disclaimer: there may or may not be some bad language in there...
  16. society's_child

    X-Men Orgins: Wolverine..

    ...hits theatres tommorow. I can't wait to see it!! I'm praying that the actor portraying Gambit gets his cajun accent right..we, the fans have waited much too long to see him to have it screwed up now. Anyone else catching it this weekend?
  17. society's_child

    Miss Universe..naturally slender or seriously starving?

    What do you think? Check it out: Miss Universe Australia model too skinny? - Beauty Pageants
  18. society's_child

    Do you Haiku?

    Was wondering if anyone here likes or writes Haiku...i've written a few myself but i'm not so sure if i've got the proper structure down pat. I could google it but I prefer to find out from someone personally. :D
  19. society's_child

    'The Unusuals'...please watch.

    I'm not usually the type to act the cheerleader and go all gung-ho for a tv show but come of late it seems that tv shows that i love at first sight have the nasty habit of getting the axe ('New Amsterdam', 'Life on Mars'). 'The Unusuals' viewership numbers are dismal and there's talk of...
  20. society's_child

    Beautiful ASL song.

    Just wanted to share with you all. He's using voice too, which I thought was kinda cool. YouTube - My first song ;)