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    Zvrs acquires purple

    How do you feel about the ZVRS acquisition of Purple? ZVRS_Acquires_Purple by VRSEngineer...
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    FCC Notice for Further Proposed Rulemaking

    If you follow the FCC filings, this is a very important one: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Document There are a number of important topics covered here, and the FCC is looking for community feedback. What do you think about these proposals? Threads merged Moderator naisho
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    SprintVRS being discontinued

    Because Sprint would have to abandon the "resale" business model it has used for years in providing VRS service and instead become a facilities-based provider of such services forcing it to expend resources that could be used to modernize its wireless network and expand the reach of its wireless...
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    AT&T VRS being discontinued

    Official webpage here: AT&T Relay Services | VRS Relay News release from yesterday, November 23rd: