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  1. xsuperchick

    Au Pair?

    Hi ADers! :wave: How's everything going on? I wanted to make this thread and ask you all why do you think about au pairs? I'm planning this since ages.. I wanna be an au pair in the US, but I actually did something last week, I'm planning a fundarising party to get the money for the apply and...
  2. xsuperchick

    Blackberry :)

    Do you think people it's okay if we swap pins? :D I'm such a nerd, I know :(
  3. xsuperchick


    I'm always going away and then coming back :lol: Don't know if you remember the last thread I made, but I talked about coming to Peru if you want to volunteer and stuff. Peru is a cheap place to live, by the way :roll: and well, I changed my job position in the NGO I work. I'm now National...
  4. xsuperchick

    Coming to Peru!

    Hey, guys! :wave: I was wondering if you would like to come to Peru as a volunteer. :) If you do, you can PM and I´ll give you the link of my volunteering work here :) Because I don´t know if I can post the link here :P Mods, can I? :roll: I´m sure you´ll have a great time by coming...
  5. xsuperchick

    Help me winning! :D

    Hello! I´ve been gone for a while because I started University and I´m still working... I was wondering if you people can help me voting for me :D well, for my blog so it can be the best Peruvian blog :cool2: My blog is in Spanish, but you can translate it using Google or Bing :P To...
  6. xsuperchick

    I need a watch :P

    Is anybody selling a vibrating watch? But the lowest price :P Remember, I live in Peru! :) Thanks guys for reading! Reply soon, pleease! :ty: :wave:
  7. xsuperchick


    I got new pics of my cat :D I thought my cat was a male, and I named him "Demon", he so sweet!! but then I found out it's a girl, so... Now it's Demon Arizona :P Arizona from Grey's Anatomy! :giggle: Pics taken with a webcam, please understand the quality :roll: :ty:
  8. xsuperchick

    Lip-Reading Technology

    What do you think about that? :roll:
  9. xsuperchick

    Does anyone skate/rollerskate here? :)

    I'm a rollerskater girl :cool2: And I was wondering if anyone else loves skates/rollerskates? It's an awesome sport! Tell me what you think! :D :wave:
  10. xsuperchick

    Hey you!!

    Valetine's Day here (and I guess there too) isn't just about love, it's about friendship too. So, all of you guys have a really nice day! And thanks for being around! :D :wave:
  11. xsuperchick

    Machu Picchu! Mucho rain...

    :( This is very bad for my country. Heavy rain hampers Machu Picchu rescue - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Machu Picchu & Cusco disaster.. news & thoughts | We're all helping our people from the South with shelter, medicine and food.
  12. xsuperchick

    BSL Name

    Heey, hi guys! I printed (myself :cool2:) two t-shirts :D 1. My BSL Name :) 2. And this, but I'll have to make a new one! (personal opinion) if I ever get a tattoo -without screaming as a freak :p- it's gonna be this one!
  13. xsuperchick

    Back from work!

    Hey, guys! Remember I told you I was going to start working at a supermarket? (pastry section) Well, I started a week ago and now I'm feeling really bad about it. Let me tell you why and then, hopefully get your advices! I'll really appreciate them. Well, I start working at 2 pm everyday...
  14. xsuperchick

    Good news!!

    I wanted so much to share this with you guys!! :D I had my first -without help- job interview yesterday! :aw: And without help, I mean I got the interview by myself, my last job was with my older sister's help. I'm gonna start working at the pastry section in a supermarket (one of the...
  15. xsuperchick

    Cat name!

    So, I'm gonna have a cat!! I'm excited for this. I need some help with the names! 1) Dahlia Axelle 2) Jingles Ezekiel Nosferatu 3) Deaf I know that 1 and 2 are too long =P but I like it, ok.. I know, I'm weird :lol: and the option 3... well, I love my culture, so I think it's ok...
  16. xsuperchick

    My Pics =$

    Well, this is something I love to do and I'm going to work for, wich is Volunteering :D I want to show you guys what we do and as soon as I finish to translate the website to English, I hope you consider the idea of coming to Peru as a volunteer :D Thta's me lol xD "our" kiddos eating...
  17. xsuperchick

    Help :(

    Guys, I hope you can help me with this. I'm hard of hearing. My left ear. I have no idea since when because I told my mom about this when I was around 7 or 8, but now I'm 18 and I'm starting to have problems. Yesterday, I was watching TV with my family (usually in English and with...
  18. xsuperchick

    Don't say you don't!

    Don't say you don't hate a little thing about Christmas... all those toys and lights ! Or when you were a kid and somebody gave you a gift without batteries! And you couldn't play until somebody else buys the batteries :lol: happened to me!! Well... I will tell you a short story about what...
  19. xsuperchick

    Person Below Me

    This is like the "The Person above me" but with just one difference! This is BELOW, so you will have to answer what the person above you just asked :) hope you enjoy the game :wave: Question: Does the person below me has kids? :D
  20. xsuperchick


    Hi, first of all, I'm really sorry, I started posting and forgot I had to introduce myself properly, right? My name's Lorena :) I'm 18 years old since November, 20th 2009 :P HoH too :) :deaf: I was born in Peru and I'm still living here! I study Tourism at the university =) I'm honest...