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  1. toffeekukki

    Getting new hearing aids next week.

    So today I discovered that one of my hearing aids has got corrosion in the battery draw. Called the Audiology department. They said we have all your records. We are not making any internal appointments due to the Pandemic. We can send you a new pair out in the post, they should arrive early...
  2. toffeekukki

    Created a Relaxing Live Stream.

    Https/ I have created a livestream of my bird feeder. It will be live every weekend. Friday 10am - Sunday 6pm GMT+1 (currently) I am fed up with having streams stating they are relaxed. But they not 100% calming aswell. I need to sometimes sit and be quiet. So I...
  3. toffeekukki

    I have been gone a while but..

    Hey everyone, it has been a while since I last posted in here. But I just got an amazing update on something that I wanted to share with you all. Around December last year I was having bad falls and dizzy spells these have gotten worse to the point that I am no longer safe to walk. But that's...
  4. toffeekukki

    Making basic sign language easier

    I have been learning sign language now for a little while, but the basics still sometimes have me muddled. especially using static images for a hand gesture how do you get a movement from an image, well I took my BSL dictionary and scanned the page with the tiny boxes, this is the only part in...
  5. toffeekukki

    Check ups

    How often do you visit your audiologist? I have just been reading back one of my old posts. It has been just under 18months.since i last saw my audiologist. Even with my aids i am struggling again. If i turn away i can no longer hear noises. I sometimes cant hear my own voice. I can no longer...
  6. toffeekukki

    Looking for resorces

    I am wanting to learn sign language. But i find that flashcards. Dictionary and most other helpful items are really expensive. Asl resorces seem easier to get hold of in the uk unless you want to spend a lot of money. Any advise would be appreciated thanks in advance.
  7. toffeekukki

    Noises or sounds.

    What sounds do you like to hear? I love hearing animal noises. Birds dogs barking. Cats meow.
  8. toffeekukki

    Its been quite a while

    Hey all. I have been away for the longest time. Hope everyone is doing well. I am going to tell you all a little bit of why i have not been here. I was doing so well last time i was posting. Me n partner are still fine. We are as strong as ever. Every situation below involves him to try make a...
  9. toffeekukki

    Move went well

    Hey all. I finally made the 90 mile move and am actually settling in. I really am pleased with how smooth the transition has been Hope everyone is doing well.
  10. toffeekukki

    Guide Dog coats

    Question on my Uk driving theory Test. What colour coats do Deaf Guide dogs wear? I thought all Guide dogs wore Bright Yellow Illuminus/Reflective in colour I failed my practice theory because it was apparently Red/Burgandy Is this the same in America?
  11. toffeekukki

    few weeks and seems too quiet

    I have not been able to wear my hearing aids now for a few weeks, I have been quite poorly. I have lost my spare batteries. I have told my audiologist and they told me to contact my Gp they told to contact my audiologist. my local hearing shops will not even allow me to buy batteries because I...
  12. toffeekukki

    being unwell sucks

    so I am currently suffering from the flu or what feels like the flu. my balance gets affected quite badly. my hearing loss gets worse. I am under a lot of stress. I have not worn my aids much at all this month. I am also noticing that wax is just basically falling out of my ears. as much as I...
  13. toffeekukki

    Wanting to learn to drive

    I have read up on my local government website and I do not have to declare that I have hearing loss in order to learn to drive. But I wonder if I should still try find an instructor who deals with someone with disabilities. Advice please.
  14. toffeekukki

    Writing a book advice please

    I am Writing a book. I am going to be using a Service Dog, for a disabled person with no legs and possible hearing loss in my book but I am unsure how to portray the Dog, Do I make it sound like my own dog or does it need to know special commands? I have never had a working dog so advice would...
  15. toffeekukki

    Why are you 'hear'

    As a few of you may already know, up until recently 2016 I was 'hearing' but thinking backwards I have had one issue or another with my ears. Between ages 5 and 10 I needed hearing tests all the time. I had grommet fitted twice. I would get really bad ear infections and I also got chronic ear...
  16. toffeekukki

    Explaining my question more clearly

    I have had my ear mould now since February. In February when my aids was only 7days old I totally dismantled my hearing aids both at the same time. Now here is my issue please 'read what I post carefully' I use 2 ear moulds. Obviously I know only the left mould can only fit in the left ear and...
  17. toffeekukki

    When things go wrong!

    Well my last post on here was basically me thanking everyone and saying how things have settled down. 24 hours after that post I was put in a difficult situation and now me and hubby are forced to move away. 90miles away to go live with one of his family members. I am not looking forward to the...
  18. toffeekukki

    Follow up and a thank you

    Everyone on here has been really amazing, given advice helping to understand, feeling like I can fit in. Since I got my new aids I have used this forum less. This is not because I don't like people or because I have forgotten about you all. This is because I can accept my self and my new found...
  19. toffeekukki

    First bad day

    Today has not been a great day. I have had a little bit of stress. Appointment have been swapped and changed and things in general have been a bit up and down. I actually could not physically cope with my aids the longer I wore them the more I felt like everything was shouting. This has never...
  20. toffeekukki

    Phonak accessories

    I now am able to look into getting Bluetooth accessories for my aids. I have Phonak Nathis S+ According to my audiologist I can get things to help with talking on a phone. Any suggestions on what I should get that will help me when I am either out and about or talking on the phone