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    Hola a todos!

    Good Evening/Morning to All, now in Italy is evening time, i'm back after alot of time, because facebook is a bit... Forum are better! Who want to write to me, for anything to compare with me about all thing do you want... in private message or public thread is indifferent. Good weekend! :ily:
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    Deaf Surf question...

    Hi to all, when and where will be next Surf Deaf Championiship? Windsurf? Kitesurf? And there are events about these sports in Europe? Thank to all about the news.... Erikinho
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    Anyone from Europe?

    Hi to all, i'm Italian, i live in North East... in the Oscar Pistorius's second house... where less than an one hour you could be in: Montain, Beach, Venice, Slovenia, Austria, Veneto... there are a lot of street for MB, bike, walking, and event. One of the most important reaggae event was a few...
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    [Motor Sport & extreme sports] A question to all deaf people

    Anyone went to world championiship Surf deaf in Hawaii? :( Hola Erikinho
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    2012-13 NHL Season

    Hi girls and boys, i'm a fan of Usa sport, i'd like betting them but i Italy there more soccer, soccer .... if you could help me about predictions or site web about news or predictions about MLB, NHL and NBA... for betting! Thank you to all! Erikinho
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    [Motor Sport & extreme sports] A question to all deaf people

    Good evening, here in Italy is 9 p.m., i want to ask to you, if there anyone who like, practise or compete motoristic sport... I like Drifting, races like TT of isle of Man, car racing, illegal car races, rally and speedboat racing... :deaf: Other sports: Kickbox, windsurf, surf, kitesurf...
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    I'm starting to hate deaf people....I am hard of hearing

    In Italy there are groups of deaf people: LIS deaf, oralist deaf, I.C. Deaf and now a new group that has confused a lot of deaf boys.... But the same thing of all the group is only ONE THING! All are deaf, simply DEAF! So we must love each other and to be togheter... and help without do...
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    Hola a todos!

    I'm come back finally! I went to London... but i haven't time to find deaf places... :( Good evening to all!
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    Unofficial AllDeaf Map - Post Your Location!

    I'm from.... i live in Gemona del Friuli, near Udine where is the football team "Udinese" :) , 150 km from Venice... In my city is now famous also because OSCAR PISTORIUS come here... :) bye Erikinho
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    Hola a todos!

    Hi all deaf peolple, I'm Erik called Erikinho on internet because a my trip in Brasil and with football... I'm italian, from north east italy, 150 km from Venice, nearly with Austria and Slovenia :) I love Drifting, surf and kite but never doing these sport, football, kickboxing and...