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    Signing in the car -- how?

    Not sure if this is the right subforum, but... I have a 6 year old, so he sits in the middle of the backseat in his booster. In my car, I've always had a 2nd small rearview mirror attached to the center dash vents so that I could see him sign without turning my head. When he was little...
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    Call from school -- vent

    Just got off the phone with my son's school. He's acting out in class again and they wanted me to talk with him. Just very frustrated because while *sometimes* he is good on a phone (cell phone w/ incoming volume all the way up), the office phone ensured we had a two-sided "What?"...
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    Anyone out there with a reverse cookie bite loss?

    Looking to make contact with folks who have this kind of loss, which is what my son has. :wave::ty:
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    Deaf Festival Tucson AZ Sept 24, 2011

    Any ADers going? DS & I will be there. Maybe some friends and acquaintances, too. Home Page: Arizona Deaf Festival
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    How old were you when you first attended an IEP meeting as the student?

    We're going to set up an IEP meeting soon. Last spring, when getting ready for the yearly IEP meeting, I asked DS if he wanted to go and he said no. I'm sure it sounded like a boring time to him: lots of adults talking. I explained who would be there & what the meeting would be about, but he...
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    How old before child goes to overnight camp?

    There is a Lions camp that offers a week for d/hh kids each summer. They can start at age 7. That seems so young to me. I might have been 8 or 9 before I went to sleepaway camp. How old were you personally or your child when starting overnight camp? We are going to try to do a family...
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    Advice please: son doesn't want to wear HAs

    DS is almost 6, hoh, and has just started Kindergarten. It seems like every year we go through this: he refuses to wear his hearing aids. And now, he refuses to even consider putting the boots on to try the new FM system. Right now, he will consent to wear the left HA all day. He might...
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    How/when did you learn you were d/hh?

    How old were you when you were told/found out? How was it explained to you? Any other comments you have about the experience are welcome. :ty:
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    transition to kindergarten meeting -- help

    This is all last minute & totally my fault for not understanding the process earlier. I'm not sure if I'll make sense, but any guidance is appreciated! Our school district is open enrollment. Thursday is an MET, or a transition to kindergarten meeting. Our next IEP meeting is scheduled...
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    Would a d/hh kid ever not have an IEP?

    I was speaking with a TOD at DS's school about the transition to Kindergarten next year. She's not his teacher, I was just asking some general questions. She asked if he would still have an IEP. I was too surprised at the time to ask her, but why wouldn't he? Are some d/hh kids going...
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    How to get an FM system

    Exactly how does one go about obtaining an FM system? Can I buy one through DS' audi? If the school provides one, is it a loaner or for keeps? Anything you think I should know would be appreciated! We're in Phoenix, AZ and have private insurance (crappy hearing coverage, though).
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    How will I know?

    First off, my signing ability is about that of a toddler. That is when DS started speaking, so we haven't kept up with signing. If a school program says they are bi-bi, how do I know that they really use ASL in all the classrooms and not SEE? Do I take a friend who used to be a terp with...
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    Any d/hh hockey players or parents of d/hh hockey players?

    (This might not be right forum for question; ok for moderator to move to best place) DS is 4 1/2 & wears bilateral HAs. He LOVES hockey. He's been playing on foot since he could walk. Did you wear your HAs under your helmet? Did you have an FM for coach to use? Did you go to the Stan...
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    More hellos from Arizona

    I've been lurking for a while and made a few posts, then remembered I never introduced myself. I'm the hearing mom of a bilateral mixed loss hoh son who is 4 1/2 years. He is hoh since birth; we don't know why. We didn't do genetic testing. Part of me says it doesn't matter to find out...
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    What hearing aid clips do you like?

    My son needs a new hearing aid clip. We are currently pinning his broken one to his shirt, but that pin could come undone & poke. He does not like Ear Gear. We have two sets. What clips do you like & where to order? :ty:
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    Spin-off from mainstreaming thread Spinning off my son's info from the other thread. Thanks, deafdyke for your feedback. Anakin, it was nice to hear about your education experience. We are in Phoenix, AZ. We have a few choices here. We're...