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    15 Essential Differences Between Men & Women

    Some of those clips were funny but to think all women are that way is absurd. It wouldn't take me over 3 minutes to park a car. The fact that women remember things and do the extra "thingies" like dress a dog, talk a lot, or know more than the basic colors show that we are more expressive than...
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    Do you remember you were in 60's,70's,80's,90's,00's and what is new in 10's??

    I was born in 1979 and Dirty Dancing was my favorite movie. I can still quote the lines! I'm such a romantic.
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    New Years Eve Plans!

    I'm going to Club La Vela @ Panama City Beach, Fl with my fiance! :party:
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    Where is everyone from?

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    Finally sold my house and closed the sale today.

    Wow! I think it's a beautiful home. We are looking for one now. But in Alabama...
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    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Happy New Year!!!
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    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!!!
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    Person Below Me

    nope. TPBM finished Christmas shopping?
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    Person Below Me

    I did when I was a child but not so much anymore. I have a dog. Does the person below me believe in soulmates?
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    I dream a lot. If I have a bunch of stuff going on around me I dream about it at night. If I watch something on T.V. I may easily include it in my dreams. But sometimes I can not relate my dreams back to anything. Recently I have had some crazy dreams and I can't justify where they originated. I...
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    Hello all...

    Hi Lighthouse, I am not currently taking a class, I am in between semesters so you would be wrong in assuming I'm trying to get answers for a class. I am trying to get to know people in the deaf community and practice my ASL.
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    Hello all...

    Berry: What question have I avoided? I read the post about your daughter, you must be proud. You are right, I am not looking for love. Why do you think I'm am in cultural shock? So far i have done nothing but chat back and forth with people on this website, what difference does it make if...
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    Hello all...

    Berry: So does your daughter feel bad being an interpreter? I'm not sure why you would want to make it seem as if being an interpreter or wanting to be one is a bad thing. Last I checked there was a high demand for qualified ones. I agree I don't know a lot about the deaf community, nor do I...
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    Hello all...

    Where on Earth do you get the idea I hate you? I don't hate you, I don't even not like you! I haven't gotten to know much about you but what I do know is that you are feisty, that I like about you. I am under the impression you don't like me and think I am here just for a grade, and I'm not...
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    Big Loser

    posts from hell: Wouldn't you rather have a nice set of bewbs across from you? :lol: What's up with you and the boob thing, I'm new here, please fill me in.:hmm:
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    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part I

    Baked is healthier for you...:lol:...sorry, I thought it was funny! :laugh2:
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    Hello all...

    Bebonang: So the 50 posts is another rule I guess? But it doesn't block the message, it's just a known rule? Ok, ok I submit to this one... I look forward to many many more post, and maybe by then Bottesini will have a change of heart about me! :lol: Bottesini: You WILL love me one...
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    Hello all...

    Bottesini: "As well" meaning "also" I was hoping you read the post too. Still don't like me? I appreciate the thumbs down, you know how to make a girl feel good ...:ty:
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    Hello all...

    Hi Kristina B, nice to meet you. You homeschool I see. I have considered homeschooling my son because he doesn't give his all when it comes to school work.
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    Hello all...

    Thanks Berry. I hope I can answer your questions and shine a light on my opinions as well. This is not directed at you personally, but simply because you asked. I hope Bottesini reads as well.:hmm: I am an education major considering changing to ASL Interpreter. I agree that learning ASL...