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  1. ~*Kaelei*~

    My son may be losing some hearing

    I'm a little concern... My son has beeing saying "What?" lately, keeps asking to repeat what I said. And I'm not the only one that has nocticed that.... even his teacher has nocticed it and his father has nocticed it as well. He might be having a some hearing loss... so we are taking...
  2. ~*Kaelei*~

    Need Advice about signing

    Ok, I need some advice here, I want to improve my signing and I've been told by many of my friends that I don't use my expression enough, that I'm signing a lot like this person and I don't want to sign like her... no way.... so I was wondering if there's any way or any tricks I can learn to...
  3. ~*Kaelei*~

    Six year old and Thirteen year old

    I just saw this on Facebook from a friend of mine and I wanted to share with you... I thought it was funny and good! Today, my 6 year-old daughter was asking me questions about Santa Claus at dinner. My 13 year-old daughter was getting annoyed with all the dumb questions and simply told her...
  4. ~*Kaelei*~


    Well since today is a Father's Day (I know I'm a bit late but this idea just came to me while I was driving home from Portland) We should post couple photos of our fathers.... like a photo of you with your Dad. :D
  5. ~*Kaelei*~

    Wedding funny photos

    Funny Wedding Photos | Blog I was bored... so I was looking up for funny wedding photos and here are some of them... I thought it was funny and cute! Which one is your favorite? My Favorite is the "Boys are Gross" and "What a wacky ring bearer" and "Jump!" if you have...
  6. ~*Kaelei*~

    Card Games

    I'm just curious... since I'm bored, I thought I can start a new thread. What card games do you like playing? I like playing: Spoon Three Thirteen Uno Skipbo
  7. ~*Kaelei*~

    Help with location

    I just have a question... How do I change the location? I know it says that I live in Seattle Washington and I need to change it to Vancouver Washington. So how do I change the location? Thanks
  8. ~*Kaelei*~


    I just bought SuperNatural First Season DVD set yesterday @ Walmart for 20 dollars... i thought it sounded interesting so therefore I bought it. Then when I watched the first disc... OMG.... I love it! This show is so awesome! Then Today, I watched the second disc... still loving it. I have four...
  9. ~*Kaelei*~

    Tv Shows

    So What shows are you into now? I'm into: Fringe Law and Order: Special Victims LOST BONES WipeOut Criminal Minds CSI - Las Vegas CSI - NY Grey's Anatomy
  10. ~*Kaelei*~

    Friday - What are you doing that day?

    I'm curious, Since today is Wednesday, Do you have any plans for Friday? I'm excited for Friday to come up as I will be hanging out with a friend of mine on Friday night... it'll be so much fun as we will be going out to dinner, hit the mall, and go to theaters to watch a movie, most likely...
  11. ~*Kaelei*~

    How old were you when Your family found out...

    I'm Curious.... How did your parents (if you were a child) or you (if you were an adult) found out that you were/are deaf? I was only 16 months old when my parents learned that I'm deaf. I've been told that my parents/grandparents nocticed that I wouldn't respond to my name and whenever...
  12. ~*Kaelei*~

    Question about CI

    Ok, I have a question: My batteries died for the implant I normally wear, the G3 implant. Well, since I don't have any batteries and my check doesn't come until Wednesday but I need to hear, so I put my old implant one... the really old one, that I haven't worn since 2000. So I guess my...
  13. ~*Kaelei*~


    I have a question... Have any of you played piano? The reason I ask is because I love Piano music and I always wanted to learn how to play Piano. So I just want to know if it's possible for a deaf person to play it. I know Beethoven was deaf and he played it... He's my fav musician for Piano...
  14. ~*Kaelei*~

    Longest time you've gone without sleep

    Just wondering.... What's the longest time you've gone without sleep? The longest time I've gone without sleep was 48 hours straight, that's right, two days straight without any sleep. Story: I stayed up all night Wednesday and all night Thursday studying for the exams for end of the year...
  15. ~*Kaelei*~

    Do you get treated differently than your sibblings?

    Have you ever been treated differently than your siblings? I have...and I'm so sick of it. I have three step sisters, one is 10 years older than I am and two are twins, a year younger than I am. But the twins, that is year younger I am gets special treatments, ever since my dad remarried...
  16. ~*Kaelei*~


    I have a question, is Migraine headaches a gene thing? My Migraines has been increasing past few years, ever since I was a Senior at High school. I'm just wondering if it's a gene thing or what? It gets so bad that two pills of painkillers doesn't help at all, and that I need to lay in dark room...
  17. ~*Kaelei*~

    Deafies in Washington

    Hey Guys, I have nocticed that there's quite few of us that lives in Washington, mostly in Seattle area. I was thinking maybe we all should meet up somewhere and get to meet each other in person.....perhaps become friends and get to know each other better? It's just a thought, that's all...
  18. ~*Kaelei*~


    I have gotten VRS like three years ago and two years ago I moved to Alaska, leaving my VRS in storage in WA. A year ago I moved back to WA and recently I got new TV, 40" flat screen TV and I just got my VRS out of storage. To be honest, I forgot how to hook it up and I was wondering if someone...
  19. ~*Kaelei*~

    Pics of Disney World Trip

    I thought I would share some photos of my trip to Disney World with my son Tristan. This was from one of my camera that I had before my mother in law dropped it and broke it. I have another camera that has over 216 photos but I'm unable to upload it because I don't have the connect thing to the...
  20. ~*Kaelei*~

    I'm Back!!

    Hi Everyone, Just you let you know, I'm back now to the website. I was in Florida for 15 days and I didn't have internet connection for the whole time so I was unable to come to this website and check it out on everyone. But I had fun in Florida with my son Tristan and it was fun vacation...