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  1. crossout

    Can you take some money from SSI and put them on a seperate debit card?

    i would love to know how they supposed to get cut off from ssi if she is getting big child support? big enough to pay for car payments.... my ex plays the deaf and dumb game just to get ssi i don't understand how people would live off 600 something a month and now she is trying to label our son...
  2. crossout

    $500,000 offered to buy

    no site is worth $500,000 in my book....
  3. crossout

    Man buys $300,000 Texas house for $16

    who cares i would done the same thing
  4. crossout

    how to stop 5 guys..

    hahha i know i saw that on the movie of full metal jacket man i laughed soo hard!
  5. crossout

    Looking to buy new car!

    there was nothing smart about that car!
  6. crossout

    how to stop 5 guys..

    how do you stop 5 black guys gang bang a white women? throw them a basketball!
  7. crossout

    How are people dealing with the Heat WAVE!??

    its 71 with a/c on in my place and outside was 100 man i sure did felt that and it supposed to be hotter tomorrow
  8. crossout

    Finally watched that old movie with subtitles??

    i am cutting off netflix for crappy service and they raised the rates 2 times this yr!! here i come blockbuster online!!
  9. crossout

    So I had a job interview today...

    hahaha i could not live with my parents!! i moved out at 18!! like having my own way my own rules my place to my self! i am the king in my place...
  10. crossout

    So I had a job interview today...

    good luck... for one place i tried to get in they had well over 1200 apps turned in interviewed 90-100 people and only 20 people got in.....i only got in for interview but not hired in ohh well they were starting off $15-17 an hr and demands all 7 days a week lots of over time...leprino foods...
  11. crossout

    Deaf Professionals

    any one can be a professional....
  12. crossout

    a reason why to end the fed or aduit the fed

    get rid of the fed! lol
  13. crossout

    a reason why to end the fed or aduit the fed

    The Federal Reserve: History of Lies, Thievery, and Deceit
  14. crossout

    Casey Anthony found not guilty of her murder charge

    4 yrs is for being a liar
  15. crossout

    Those Receiving SSI, How Much Do You Get Each Month?

    don't forget that you can keep all of the ssd and work and make less then 720 a month so you can make up to 166.00 a week and not lose the ssd check you can work and make 8 an hr for 20 hrs a week for 160 a week
  16. crossout

    Birth-Control, DEPO

    ha i knocked my ex and she was on depo crap... no birth control works!
  17. crossout

    Everyone said: After breaking up can be friends?

    most of my ex's ends up being fwb with me lol... crazy sad world we live in..
  18. crossout

    Cheated and used

    the sad truth most girls think they gotta be every ones "g/f" this is why i don't marry them...
  19. crossout

    Random Vents.....

    my vent for the day i had to see my ex g/f blah.... she wanted some more... lol at least we can get along with that!!! lol
  20. crossout

    Public opinion on gays and lesbians.

    i love bi girls and i am just being honest now.... lol