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  1. Celticty

    I thought I would let all my AD Friends Know

    I found out on Wednesday that My dad has Pancreatic Cancer and that it is so far gone that they can't do surgery to remove it. They said that usually the longest someone lives with that is one year. Please keep my family and me in your thoughts and prayers we will really be needing it.
  2. Celticty

    Has anyone been noticing commercials lately?

    I have been noticing there is gradually more and more commercials with someone using ASL!! That is so awesome!!
  3. Celticty

    Family Photos

    We just got some professional photos taken. Take a look at them, its in my albums.
  4. Celticty

    She is here!!!

    Aevryonna Rose was born Thursday January 21st at 5:11 P.M. 6 LB 8 OZ. 19 Inches. I am so happy that she is finally here.
  5. Celticty

    Oovoo or skype

    Does anyone have OOVOO OR SKYPE? I need someone to practice ASL and would like to finally sign with some friends seeing how I just got a webcam YAY!!
  6. Celticty

    It's a girl!!!

    Her name is Aevryona Rose and she is very healthy and so beautiful These are face pictures.
  7. Celticty

    This Thursday

    I get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl!!!!!!!
  8. Celticty

    Suspect in soldier shooting says he was justified

    Suspect in soldier shooting says he was justified | This is so rediculous. I swear people believe everything they hear on the news. I tell you this world is getting to be a really sick place.
  9. Celticty

    This Thursday

    My wife will be 6 weeks pregnant!!!! We are both very very very excited.
  10. Celticty

    Have you played Mousehunt on Facebook

    I have been playing this one for a little while. My good friends got me on this and it is addictive. I really love this game it is so much fun. You have to buy traps and build some, try to catch many wierd and interesting mice. It is pretty cool.
  11. Celticty

    Cell phone Video Phones

    I have a question. Does anyone have the Cell Phones that are also Video Phones that you can talk back and forth in sign language. I know Japan has them but I wasn't sure if we do here in america or if there is in other countries. If so how does it work?
  12. Celticty

    Aim msn yahoo

    I got these on my new phone now so I can chat with anyone. Does anyone want to add me? I would like to chat.
  13. Celticty

    Do all TV shows have CC?

    I am just filling up this place with questions :lol: I feel so silly for not knowing this, but do all TV shows have CC? Or is it only available to certain shows on certain networks?
  14. Celticty

    Who would go poll

    I am trying to figure out who would go more to movie theaters. I am using this for my project in my ASL class.
  15. Celticty

    Curious About Difficulty

    I am working on a project in my ASL class and I am trying to find out how hard it is for Deaf or HH people to find a Movie Theater that offers CC in order for them to go and enjoy movies like ones that just come into theaters. Please let me know how hard it is, I know it can be hard because it...
  16. Celticty

    Yahoo or MSN Messenger

    I just got a new phone that has Yahoo Messenger and MSN messenger built in, anyone wish to chat on it? Yahoo: MSN:
  17. Celticty

    Washington Peeps

    I am just wanting to be able to meet with and hang out with other people in Washington. Not only would it be for my Deaf Community project in my ASL Class but also I am wanting to build my Friendships in the Deaf Community. Just let me know if you would like to meet up. :gossip:
  18. Celticty

    All Seattle Area People

    Me and several people from my ASL Class are meeting up at Jillian's Billiard Club in Seattle, WA on Friday February 6th at 9:00 P.M. We will be meeting on the second floor. Would anyone be interested in coming?
  19. Celticty


    These are so funny and sad that they are real quotes. ______________________________________________________________ "So I analyzed that and decided I didn't want to be the president during a depression greater than the Great Depression, or the beginning of a depression greater than the...
  20. Celticty

    Myspace II

    Just wondering if anyone on here has Myspace. It would be cool to get each others Myspace and talk there as well.