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    Hello everyone!

    Hello Brit have a great time here at ADand enjoy.
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    Hey everyone, My name is Maureen

    Welcome to AllDeaf, You will meet lots of nice interesting people here, and I am sure get lots of advice and Information.
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    Hi all, I am new

    Hello Trudy welcome to AD.
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    Welcome to ad
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    Greetings from a hearing newbie!

    Welcome Yamino
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    My daughter is deaf

    Welcome to AD
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    Suzy Q

    Hello and welcome to alldeaf.
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    Going deaf @ 28

    Welcome to AD
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    Here's one idiot

    Welcome to AD
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    Hello from the woods

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    Welcome to AD and enjoy your stay.
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    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    Happy Holidays
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    Hello from the Netherlands!

    Welcome to AD
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    Hi :)

    Welcome to AD
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    New here

    Welcome to AD and enjoy your stay.
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    Hello romeo welcome to alldeaf
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to AD
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    I am new to this!!!!

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    Hey I'm new

    Welcome to AD