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  1. Oliver

    Time spent on AD?

    How many times a week are you on AD? How many hours would you say you spend? I'm on AD everyday except Weekends and tend to be on for 30 minutes a day.
  2. Oliver


    So my school used to have a sign class this was at least 6 years ago. They got rid of it because not many people would select it as an elective. Now, we have 5 hoh kids (that I know of) and a few kids who don't speak well or struggle to talk. We also have several students who have hoh or deaf...
  3. Oliver

    ASL with girlfriend

    So, not sure if this belongs in this forum or in Relationships but I think this is where I need to put it. Anyways, my hearing has only managed to get worse and communitcating to my girlfriend has gotten difficult. I miss important parts of conversations or just don't hear her at all if she...
  4. Oliver

    A little help?

    So, I just was hoping anyone would have answers but I'm 15 and my hair is falling out and I know naturally your hair will shed and it's common but this is a lot, like today when I was taking a shower I just ran my hands through my hair and just several several strands came out. I thought nothing...
  5. Oliver


    So, this morning my Grandmother bursts into my room and continually asked if I was ashamed of myself, if I was ashamed of being a girl. She directly told me my name was Xela and not Oliver. She spent this morning bitching about how horrible I am and that I've fucked up everything and etc. The...
  6. Oliver

    Haircut? (ftm pre-everything)

    So I should be getting a haircut, at this rate anything that would help me pass is what I'm going for, but I don't know my face shape and don't know what haircut would suit my face and bring out some slight masculine or androgynous features. Can anyone help with ideas for a haircut?
  7. Oliver


    So I want you guys to just comment some things that stress you out due to being Deaf, hoh, or mute etc. Me for example, I get super irritated when I ask someone to repeat what they said and they blow up on me then say it didn't matter. Or when people know I'm hoh yet they act surprised or get...
  8. Oliver

    Ally lee steinfield

    Ally was a 17 year old Transgender year old girl. She just came out in May, during the month of September she was reported missing. Recently Missouri police find her with her eyes gouged out and genitals removed. Four people have been took into custody for the murder and were not charged with...
  9. Oliver

    A little advice?

    Hey, so I was not to sure whether to put this in the relationship thread or lgbt thread but, here I am. As most of you know by now I'm transgender ftm. Well the guy I'm with is very kind but if I come out to him that'll be it of our relationship. He says I can't be trans because of his...
  10. Oliver

    Learning asl

    Hey so other than ASL classes what other ways are there to learn ASL. Near me are not classes and it's really important that I learn it, YouTube is helpful sometimes but it's not really an answer to all everything. Are there websites that are good for ASL? How else can I learn?
  11. Oliver

    School and trans

    I'm openly trans to everyone and go by male pronouns and by my name Oliver. Only problem, my family is transphobic and homophobic So I can't tell them. Well at school registered by my female name and female which makes since since my family doesn't know and if they did they would still register...
  12. Oliver

    Chest binding

    So I've been contemplating transitioning to male for a very long time. Now that I have chose to transition I need a binder. I don't have money to buy one plus my family isn't gonna buy one for me. Does anyone know how to get one cheaper? Do I have to buy them online?
  13. Oliver

    Trademarking asl?

    Anyone else saw that one of the men from KISS is trying to trademark the sign 'i love you'. He claims he was the first ti use it and that it means "rock on" which yes. People do use the sign for that purpose at concerts and etc, but he claims to be the first to use it. Opinions?
  14. Oliver


    Hi guys, my name is Xela. So, I've been learning ASL for the past year with no one to help me nor correct me. I'm not deaf but my hearing is poor. I'm mostly learning because of my Anxiety, when I'm anxious or just uncomfortable or upset I stop talking. Not really purposely but talking when I'm...
  15. Oliver

    Please help..

    So my ex left me about 6 months ago, ive never gotten over him.. Well I have a boyfriend now who i love and who loves me. All is well accept him being overly clingy. We both struggle with Anxiety and I with Depression. He asks if I ever left he would kill himself... Well me and my ex have not...
  16. Oliver


    So I need to learn ASL, I know some of it but not enough to carry out a conversation and with my hearing getting worse I feel it's important to learn it. Anyone think they can help? The only video call app i use is Google Hangouts.
  17. Oliver

    Hate me?

    I'm hearing but I am losing the ability to hear correctly. The other day I was talking to a deaf girl and I mentioned that I would prefer to be fully deaf then to have to struggle all the time to understand the conversation I am in. She got so mad at me saying that it's stupid. That I am...
  18. Oliver

    Losing hearing learning asl

    Hey so I can hear. But sometimes my ears will rings and I'll not go completely deaf but words will be muffled and slurred and I can't hear them well. I used to learn ASL but I stopped now I think it may be a nessecity that I do so. Does anyone have a Skype so they can help me learn it? I know...