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  1. Oliver

    ASL with girlfriend

    So quick Update: She is learning some signs now that I have kinda dropped it and is trying to do small sentences and it's great.
  2. Oliver

    Time spent on AD?

    True, but I think that's why I like it. There isn't as much drama as other sites or media's.
  3. Oliver

    Time spent on AD?

    How many times a week are you on AD? How many hours would you say you spend? I'm on AD everyday except Weekends and tend to be on for 30 minutes a day.
  4. Oliver

    Person Below Me

    Depends usually Auto. TPBM, What's your view on pineapple on Pizza?
  5. Oliver


    So my school used to have a sign class this was at least 6 years ago. They got rid of it because not many people would select it as an elective. Now, we have 5 hoh kids (that I know of) and a few kids who don't speak well or struggle to talk. We also have several students who have hoh or deaf...
  6. Oliver

    ASL with girlfriend

    That is true, I just wish if she has trouble learning to voice it. I wouldn't be as bothered by it if she said it was difficult for her to understand because I'm the same at with Spanish. I'm half Hispanic and yet Spanish doesn't stick with me no matter how hard I practice and try. I know ASL...
  7. Oliver

    Hi my name is Kyvetta

    Welcome :welcome:
  8. Oliver

    ASL with girlfriend

    :rofl: I have a super shitty day today and this has made feel fucking great . Honeslty something I would do to be honest. I didn't talk most of Today and used sign (I also tend to stop talking when overly anxious and a lot went down today), most of my friends know asl and understood and she...
  9. Oliver

    Tattoos and ASL

    I suppose for some people who tend to get distracted easily it may be a slight problem, but most in in the deaf and hoh community have learned to cut distractions out when focusing on communicating and etc. I personally wouldn't but that's because I have a obsession with tattoos and I think why...
  10. Oliver

    Bird Feeders

    I'm in Alabama. We buy cardinal feed at Wal-Mart. We don't see many actually eat either and just usually see them around.
  11. Oliver

    Server @ iHop

    I think it's amazing you are learning and that you got a chance to use sign at work. Trust me you made his day most, half the time servers or anyone get frustrated when communication is a problem and most get annoyed and get bad attitudes when you try to write down things so you signing made...
  12. Oliver

    Check this shirt out and tell me your opinion!

    Bing? Was that on purpose or was it meant to say being? Not hate by the way, I Actually really like this and is accurate as to how some hearing people see the deaf/hoh community. They think just because we can't hear means we can't be as good at things as they can. (This does not apply to all...
  13. Oliver

    Bird Feeders

    We tend to get the normal birds here, Cardinals, Hummingbirds, and sparrows. There are two sparrows that sleep in the corner of our house and have been for over 6 years now, I am not sure how long they I've but they are cute and cuddle into fluffy balls in the colder seasons. We also feed the...
  14. Oliver

    ASL with girlfriend

    Valid point, I will try to talk to her about it.
  15. Oliver

    ASL with girlfriend

    True, but I just not sure how to come about asking her to try to learn. I have so much anxiety especially when it comes to asking for something or to be done. I fear I may phrase it wrong somehow and come off as if I am demanding it of her. How would you go about bringing it up and phrasing it?
  16. Oliver


  17. Oliver

    ASL with girlfriend

    So, not sure if this belongs in this forum or in Relationships but I think this is where I need to put it. Anyways, my hearing has only managed to get worse and communitcating to my girlfriend has gotten difficult. I miss important parts of conversations or just don't hear her at all if she...
  18. Oliver


    For me, I tried teaching my (hearing) friends how to sign because of a difficulty in communication and they finger spelled a lot because they were learning and didn't know certain words. It helped me read finger spelling. Maybe try getting friends or acquaintances that are hearing to learn and...
  19. Oliver

    A little help?

    I have been stressed lately, for various reasons but I didn't expect so much hair to fall out due to it. Hopefully That's all it is though is stress.