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  1. x1heavy

    What do you do for living?

    I don't know how you do it. I have not been in too many since we got out of trucking, however there were a few that were not doing well with other economic interests other than travelers depending on where they are located. I had a incident one time in a Indianapolis Holiday Inn that was well...
  2. x1heavy

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Coal Miners Daughter.
  3. x1heavy

    Stay at Home Order

    We have two with covid infections now. They are under isolation orders. What do they do? Run around outside doing whatever. So much for the Isolation. I expect the State to impose the Law to come arrest them for not obeying the order to isolate. We'll see where that goes with them. We are...
  4. x1heavy

    My school project and some questions for u :D

    For those like my father who lost part of his hearing overnight its very hard on him. he loved his music. He adapted. However its still hard on him. Anything can be researched. Esepcially with this internet we all have. In my time research was chasing books at the library which was not welcome...
  5. x1heavy

    Portable smoke alarms

    Your nose. Literally. If something was to happen as long you are aware of where the escape paths (NOT ELEVATORS. They go straight to the fire floor and then open leaving you to be cremated alive in the car) it is really really really important never to use a elevator in a building suspected to...
  6. x1heavy

    The Prisoner Rape Incident

    You are replying to a thread that is now almost 15 years old. It is very unlikely that the people involved in a position would be still here to answer the questions. The entire situation having passed into history. Now that you are a adult it will not be difficult to do a Freedom of...
  7. x1heavy

    What are your hobbies ?

    Horseback, Chess, Computer building and designing (For myself), Living history,model work in various sources. Trains, trucking and so on. Many of the things that are not necessary a hobby but rather a life activity including flying. However with my recent ongoing medical stuff most fo all that...
  8. x1heavy

    Let's write a Novel, add 2 sentences every day. Let's see where it goes.....

    I think the OP needs to gather each new sentances provided in to a updated story post as this evolves. I cannot add anything now because two paths are taken. One has him out of the car wiping eyes from the rain the recent one has him in the car looking at a gun.... Should I introduce a...
  9. x1heavy

    Earplugs recommendation needed for a person with sensitive hearing

    When I do some shooting I just wear big ears. In NSSA Artillery live fire at Winchester Virginia in annual shoots it does not matter, just turn hearing aids off. THUMP! I have however a situation where if I am a noisy place long enough, I want quiet and will go as far as I need to until I find it.
  10. x1heavy

    My school project and some questions for u :D

    Drink enough and the hearing part becomes extremely selective. Drink some more and it no longer matters.
  11. x1heavy

    Just out of curiosity

    =) I will need to find that at retail and give it a go. To the one learning ASL in 4th or 5 years into the future, like a professor rationing treats of learning thats BS. The best way to learn is to be with deaf constantly you will have it in 4 days. Not 4 years come on now. The last time...
  12. x1heavy

    Deaf Television not improving.

    This past week I had major Surgery. At the Hospital on the Searcy Cable Network here in Arkansas they played a variety of deaf only shows that is strictly sign language. I was intrigued and needed to get the rusted sign language relearned so I watch several of these. One was about a hour...
  13. x1heavy

    Show Us Your Car(s)

    I have a old iron vehicle from the mid 90's a standard SUV from Chevy 3/4 ton. Paid 2000 cash 8 years ago owned outright, did about 5000 in shop work with about another 4000 to go within the next 12 months. (1500 to replace unsafe front end and 1000 for Michelin 3peak winter defender radials)...
  14. x1heavy

    The Best Lower Body Exercise for Women That Want to Reshape and Resize Their Lower Body

    All the female has to do is be active. Eat what is necessary to be strong at work or home etc. And get more active the closer they get to 22 BMI. Same with the men. I was 260 6 months ago, am working on 200 and below this month. Part of that was caused by the unnecessary bad food in pandemic...
  15. x1heavy

    I am looking for a girlfriend to get married

    Getting married means all property owned between the two of you becomes marital property in the eyes of the law. If it does not work out, half and half and debts if any are all settled by the courthouse. So that means if one of you owes 30,000 in credit card bills and quits paying. Guess what...
  16. x1heavy

    Changing hearing loss

    Aging is part of it. I used to have a certain range at which it's "Only" severe. However 10 years between two audio grams from the old to the recent new one showed a progression into Profound already in the high side of my hearing. As time goes by there will be no point in having new hearing...
  17. x1heavy

    lv decided on no hearing aids or operations.

    At the moment without getting too technical speaking, I build my own computers. The current machine is based on the old ASUS Rampage II Black Edition. It has it's own "Republic of Gamers" sound card and software which is capable of overboosting and setting the equalizer to where I can use what...
  18. x1heavy

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I watched Lincoln in the original in blue ray DVD earlier. Its kind of... hard going with the old fashioned speaking from 150 years ago, however the film is particularly good. I suppose under the current administration it might eventually be censored or banned as contraband or fake movie. =)...
  19. x1heavy

    lv decided on no hearing aids or operations.

    I sent you a PM. Here is the device I am using temporarly has been for a few years. Its pretty disposible because sometimes you get a bad one that burns up and can be replaced cheaply. If it works for you. As stated in PM it has a hearing range of 250 hertz to 3500 hertz and likes the 1000...
  20. x1heavy

    D you do Product Testing ?

    Nope. I evaluate whatever thingamabob carefully before buying it. I build and repair my own computers rather than buy them built at Walmart or Best Buy etc. If necessary I'll make do with whats available mail order or internet. Once it gets here and we put it to work, that is when we find out...