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    New wordpress plugin for sign language is out!

    Hello Sign Language users everywhere! Finally, after years of development, we just put a new WordPress plugin on the marketplace which makes Sign Language in web forms possible. Wicked. Here it is: It's kinda new, unique and a big change. Uses...
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    Do You Know Any Wordpress Sites For Deaf And/or Sign Language Users?

    Hello folks I'm Michael, a Deaf programmer and am looking for WordPress sites driven for Deaf people and/or for Sign Language Users. Or even WordPress sites run by Deaf people themselves. Why? I've been working for a long time on a cool project that allows Sign Language based contact forms in...
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    Send email in Sign Language:

    Hello there I'm Michael Heuberger, a Deaf Web Developer, from New Zealand. For a couple of months I've been programming a cool web prototype for Deaf People, see it yourself: You can send emails in Sign Language to anyone, directly from your web browser! It's very...
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    hello guys here's something cool for you deaf people made by a deaf programmer (me): have a look there, play around and let me know if it's useful? at the moment this prototype works on firefox + chrome only. enjoy! michael (Binary Kitchen)