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  1. dereksbicycles

    What has good mpg and large cargo space like scion xb?

    Hello, I've a 2005 Scion XB with 216K. As you may know, this kind of Scion has a good amount of cargo space for a small vehicle and good MPG. I'm starting to save up for a better vehicle. I want something for around $3K give or take. I want one that has similar MPG and a large cargo space like...
  2. dereksbicycles

    What are the best webs sites for designing shirts?

    Viraldesigns is one of them. What else?
  3. dereksbicycles

    I'm back

    I'm friend with Botti on my personal Facebook page. I heard that she passed away. I decided to come here to pay my condolence. I'll try to hang out around here more often. You can message me or add me as a friend on Facebook if you know my name.
  4. dereksbicycles

    Female Roommate

    I guess I'll look for a female roommate who wants a free rent. I'm feeling like an unwanted piece of garbage because no one want to be my date week in or week out. Who cares whether I sell 5 or 25 bikes a week. I'm a worthless human being. Maybe someone will want a free rent and make me happy...
  5. dereksbicycles

    Going to many Deaf events

    I went to 11 Deaf events in December. I also did 11 events in January. I've lost count on how many events I've attended this month. What I can tell you is that I've lost interest in Deaf events. I go to those events because I'm single. If I had that special someone, I may just do 3 or 4 events a...
  6. dereksbicycles

    Are you my Mom? Do you remember that book from many years ago? I enjoyed reading it as a kid. However, I don't enjoy reading it any more. It hurts me those days thinking about this book.
  7. dereksbicycles

    Trivial Pursuit

    Can you tell me about your experience playing this game or hosting it for a fund raising event. How much did you've to pay to play it? Was it worth the trouble?
  8. dereksbicycles

    Elevating non-profit organizations...

    I would love to elevate non-profit organizations working with Deaf people to higher level. I would love to correspond with people who have been on board or committee for their organizations. If you're currently on committee for a non-profit organization working with Deaf people, even better...
  9. dereksbicycles

    Price of antiques have declined Look at value of antiques. Not many people want old furniture those days.
  10. dereksbicycles

    Yet more food banned from being used with food stamp This is for Wisconsin. Why would potato be banned? I can understand banning ketchup and potato.
  11. dereksbicycles

    Black and white pictures of Chicago They're amazing, aren't they? Enjoy!!!
  12. dereksbicycles

    Thrift store shut down for misuse of money Be careful about where your clothes go.
  13. dereksbicycles

    Would you camp out this small space ? A Geo Metro of all things he would use!!!
  14. dereksbicycles

    Am I a free loader or was rent paid for?

    Let's say that I'm living with you in your house. We agreed that my share of rent will be $300. I pay you $300 for my rent. A week later I asked for and received a loan of $300 from you. I've not paid the loan back. Would you count me as a freeloader?
  15. dereksbicycles

    I'm tired of sharing Deaf events on my personal wall

    People don't bother asking me whether we would go together. They're interested for their own personal reasons which include credit for their class if they go. I'm tired of helping by sharing those events. If people care enough, they would make plans to hang with me before or after events...
  16. dereksbicycles

    Have you ever raised rent cost on your roommate(s)?

    When my roommate first moved in with me, my house was pretty messy. The house had 3 bedrooms. There were bikes all over the 2 bedrooms I didn't use. There were also bikes in laundry room. Kitchen was so dirty that no one would eat or cook in it. Refrigerator had some old food in it. When I...
  17. dereksbicycles

    Getting approval to date from significant other's parents

    One friend of mine was upset. His girlfriend is 26 years old. She wants him to meet her parents. That way, they can approve her dating him. He thought that being 26 years old is too old to be asking for approval. I disagree. I don't care whether you are 22 or 52 years old. If you want me to meet...
  18. dereksbicycles

    First black on PGA tour passes away It seems like he was Jackie Robinson of golf.
  19. dereksbicycles

    Greyhound dog races to end in Texas

    That's great news for those who love dogs. Enjoy!!
  20. dereksbicycles

    Goodwill rivaling department stores in prices A lot of people feel that Goodwill prices are high. What do you think?