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  1. LameOlJordan

    Single and looking for something different

    Hi I’m Jordan, I’m a hearing person. I really just want to try something new and see where it goes !
  2. LameOlJordan

    ASL Friends!

    Hi I’m Jordan! Looking for new friends in the ASL community who are willing to help me learn sign language and the community in general! Please message me if you are interested!!!
  3. LameOlJordan

    Looking for Friends!!

    Hi, I’m Jordan! I am hearing but very interested in learning ASL and more about the ASL community! Looking for great friends and a genuine connection! Please message me if you think you are able to help!!
  4. LameOlJordan

    In Search of Deaf People Around The Same Age

    Hey! My name is Jordan and I am hearing. I am really interested in meeting new friends in the deaf community. I want to learn more of the language and culture Looking for friends who will naturally teach me over time! I am a fun loving college student and would love to make new friends!
  5. LameOlJordan

    Look For Friends!

    Hey my name is Jordan. I’m interested in learning more about the deaf community and language. Looking for friends that’s willing and open to get to know me. I’m a fun and goofy college student. Message me if interested!