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  1. srlevesque

    My 3 And Half Yr Old Is Now Arguing About What Sign Is Right!

    I need some advice guys, I am raising my 3.5 yr old grand daughter and I've had her about 2 yrs. I use ASL (I'm late deaf) and I also speak. I haven't been very consistent on signing with her 24/7, altho I do sign daily just voice as well, and now she is arguing with me about sign. She will...
  2. srlevesque

    Pls dead?

    Hi all you techies!! On son in laws computer right now...Could someone pls help with computer advice? Problem: Internet not working....arrow on win 7 not working...can't system restore (comes up with error msg)....all started after clicked on use programs for previous versions of windows.:cry...
  3. srlevesque

    How do you handle those "deaf" ppl who try to sell those ASL cards?

    I was just wondering how any of you out there deal with those people who walk around and try to pass themselves off as deaf just to get money for those cards with the ASL alphabet on one side and I'm deaf please buy this card on the other. It was way too funny for me the other day..I'm about to...
  4. srlevesque

    Really happy to find this!

    Hi all, my name is Staci L and I live in LA (Lethbridge, Alberta) Canada. I am 42 yrs old and am now deaf/Deaf. I started losing my hearing in my 20's. Hey Chris really glad to see another military here! I didn't lose from battle tho as I was the assistant curator of our regimental museum...