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    What dating app do you use?

    I wonder what app I will use, there are too many dating apps out there and I'm really confused on what to use because my friend said that there's a virus on some dating apps. More like a trap app. Do you guys have any recommendations? Please feel free to share it :)
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    The challenge of being a deaf person.

    The biggest challenge is overcoming the day-to-day, default assumption by most people that everyone can hear. There have been cases of deaf people being assaulted by police officers for not responding to their verbal commands, there have been others hit by cars and yelled at because the drivers...
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    What’s your new life?

    Spring is in the corner and it’s time for making choices and taking inspired action. It is about establishing commitments and leaping forth – feeling full with the drive to start new projects and draw clear boundaries. It’s spring. New life is starting. What’s your new life?
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    My anxiety gets worse!

    I am afraid to say this but I have anxiety for a week ago, I am always busy because of multiple works I'm currently handling right now. Sometimes I make myself self-deprive from too much work. My days are full of workload and It is really giving me too much anxiety. If you are having this...
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    Do you agree?

    Do you agree that singles are more vulnerable to depression and anxiety especially in these trying times?
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    What mobile games are your playing during CoViD-19 Lockdown?

    The City where I live is currently on lockdown and I have nothing to do so I spent it playing games. I play SAOIF/Sword Art Online because I'm a huge fan of the anime on it. I also played Genshin Impact & League of Legends. How about you? What games do you play?
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    Coronavirus: A real health threat or not?

    With the number of cases continues to rise and the number of recoveries also climbing high, while the deaths are dropping. Even the CDC is correcting their data regarding the number of deaths due to the virus alone while the majority of the deaths are with other health issues. Now, can we...
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    What's the best gift for your fiance?

    I'm helping out a friend. She doesn't know what to give her fiance, and he has hearing issues. I don't know if that has something to do with the gift, but she wants to give the message of encouragement or that she loves him no matter. I hope I'm saying things right.
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    What's going on with my fiance?

    Got engaged 6 months ago. Fiance promised to marry me in December. Last May, he went home to his family for a quick Spring vacation. We communicated for less than a week and after that, I didn't hear any more from him. I reached to him on Facebook, sent messages but none of them were read. Tried...
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    Can you suggest some food that can help boost my metabolism? Thank you.
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    My neighbor was prejudiced

    Just want to share my neighbor's ordeal with you. He came home last night feeling really bad about himself. He told me he was rejected by the owner of a resto he's been applying for because he was deaf. I felt mad deep inside, at the resto owner, because he had no right to treat my neighbor that...