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    Stem Cell

    Probably, I don't think being HoH is such a huge problem in itself but if I could hear better than I currently do there's no real reason why not.
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    Meeting someone new

    There's no reason he should talk to you just because you barely know ASL. It's not necessarily some buddy-buddy international society like the freemasons.
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    Do high frequencies really matter much at all?

    ^this and they help distinguish between a number of different sounds.
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    Is it okay for the (underage) teenagers have an abortion without parental knowledge?

    That would just CREATE issues by forcing a parent to be held legally responsible for the perfectly legal actions of their daughters. but as long as it creates problems for only the parents of whores it's okay :roll:
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    Is it okay for the (underage) teenagers have an abortion without parental knowledge?

    While I'm against abortion on principle, I voted yes. Although the best case scenario involves talking to loving caring parents who would support you this is often an unrealistic situation. Many daughters would be at risk of violence within the family, especially at extremes such as honor...
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    Cochlear Implants & Hollywood

    If they portrayed CIs in a positive light everyone would get mad at them for being audist and that CIs are supposed to make you normal. Who cares anymore?
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    Music being signed.

    Not the children! :roll:
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    How to Confuse an Idiot.

    I don't think you get the irony of my post.
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    How to Confuse an Idiot.

    Boring video, dumb punchline. Put some effort into it next time
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    Somalian Pirates = terrorists? Obama a coward? I don't think so.

    In any case, I don't think that the government (failed state) really objects to having pirates making the seas dangerous for the ships that illegally depleted their waters and dumped oil and other trash (industrial and nuclear waste highly suspected) nor would they have the power to do so if...
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    If someone has 70db HL and gets 70db HA gain, does he hear 0db?

    While the sound may be comparable, the HA wouldn't be able to process everything correctly. You would probably still be unable to understand it well because damage to your ear would stop you from being able to discriminate sounds.
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    Do you Haiku?

    Do I Haiku? First and Last Five And Seven Syllables
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    I've never understood how people can tolerate the books. It's written horribly, the main chick (Bella) is a passive paper thin girl with absolutely no personality traits besides being atrociously clumsy, and the "vampire" is an abusive controlling and manipulative character. The book shows...
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    Somalian Pirates = terrorists? Obama a coward? I don't think so.

    There's no definition for terrorism/terrorists. You can butt heads all day long to put them in or out of a meaningless classification, but I'm going to call them pirates.
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    Israeli find could cure deafness

    I believe DeafBorg meant that he/she/borg would not want to be bothered by noises while she's sleeping. Being deaf is a pain sometimes but it's nice to be able to sleep through everything.
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    Israeli find could cure deafness

    I don't see how this is a "cure" for deafness, rather than a way to prevent it. The lack of the micro RNA they claim has been linked to hair cell apoptosis, but there's nothing to suggest that restoring it would stimulate them to grow back.
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    That is why I do not order pizza from Dominos anymore

    Domino's pizza is horrible anyways.
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    "Sexting" Among Teenagers?

    "Sexting" is an unbelievably stupid idea, employers will probably start googling the names of their employees eventually and find that they have a picture of their fifteen year old dick or titties and never hire them, but it's worse to prosecute them as sex offenders for having fun with their...
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    Sooooo FRUSTRATING!!!! I hate my new hearing aid.

    Is it just mine or do they have a hard time shutting correctly? I have to push it in and out usually 4/5 times before the red light turns off.