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  1. Ice

    FS - 2 GB ram Patriot DDR2 PC6400

    this is 2 by 1 GB DDR2 ram, dual channel kit as seen here - Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail i want $35 plus $5 shipping in the 48 US states, i will ship world wide, these are practically new
  2. Ice

    FS - Norelco 9160XL electric razor

    ok firast of all this is used, but i am extremely clean so dont gross out on that, in just hate to toss this, is a great razor but i got a much better one from santa anyways this is it here Norelco 9160XL SmartTouch-XL Men's Shaver (factory reconditioned): Health & Personal...
  3. Ice

    Some 360 game questions

    i need t know before i buy these games if they have captions or not or subtitles Gears of war Elder scrolls 4 halo 3 call of duty 4 thanks
  4. Ice

    FS - Shrek the Third HD-DVD

    ok this is a brand new copy of shrek 3, i had some problems with best buy and this got sent to me and they ended up just saying keep it, so now since i dont even have an HD player i may as well sell it IMDB link like i said new, asking $20 plus 3 shipping in the 48 US states
  5. Ice

    FD - Zelda - Phantom Hourglass

    brand new asking $25 plus $3 shipping in the 48 US states
  6. Ice

    Wanted - Genuine Adaptoid

    not one of those cheap ps2/n64 things, only a real adaptoid as seen here Adaptoid
  7. Ice

    FS - Xbox 360 Premium + games + live NEW

    this is all brand new included Xbox 360 Premium Console w/ HDMI output Half-Life 2 Orange Box Bioshock Two Worlds Marvel Ultimate Alliance Forza 2 Motorsportsalso comes with silver LIVE membership $499.99 plus 20 shipping
  8. Ice

    how is xbox360 with subtitles?

    the xbox was not very good with it as most games it seemed had none, even when its ps2 counterpart had them the xbox did not, was very annoying anyone thats got a 36- can u tell me the deal?
  9. Ice

    watch DVDs on laptop with captions?

    would this be hardware or software based? if software then what program is recommended, and if its hardware, then is there like a USB device maybe or a pcmcia one thanks (i would think this would be useful)
  10. Ice

    what law for TV?

    what specificaly is the current law that says a certain amount of TV must be captioned, the cable company has changed alot of shit around the last few days and now CNN has no captions at all ever, i mean i watch that more than anything and now its dead to me i want to call them, bitch and...
  11. Ice

    does HDMI support CC?

    on my new TV when i use s-video or any other type connection the CC works fine, but with hdmi i just cant seem to get it to work so im wondering does it not support it, im watching "big love" and i know thats captioned oh the TV is a 42" phillips flat LCD, not a plasma any help?
  12. Ice

    CC on an LCD or plasma TV

    ok right now i have an old TV that i bought in 1998. It is a 32" sharp TV. I am considering buying an LCD or plasma TV like 37-42" but here are my questions. If I go with a bigger TV is the CC bigger as well? i have a slight vision problem and would like to have the text bigger than it is...
  13. Ice

    We dont take relay calls, piss off

    really makes me mad, this company just hangs up on me saying how they dont take relay calls, they gave a reason too "they just take too long" wtf is that? THK U DIALING 8008456471RINGING 1... 2... (F) (INTRO CALL PLS HLD) were unable to do them due to time restraints so im the operator i cant...
  14. Ice

    best answering machine for a captel phone?

    sorry for the long title, anyways im wondering what is the best answering machine for a captel phone, the new phone that can recieve calls, i just got one thanks
  15. Ice

    W - wired router

    i dont want wireless, for a small apt for two computers at the same desk, so wireless just doesnt seem needed at all, i figure now-a-days ppl got these to toss, so toss one my way :) if anyone has one they are willing to give away pls let me know, maybe u got one sitting in the closet form...
  16. Ice

    FS Dell Axim PDA v51 NEW

    i got the packing slip here, i got this for my dad last christmas, i paid like 300 after taxes and shit, it has never left the box i mean, he unwrapped it and thats as far as it went ;p so u get it totally brand new anyways im not asking much, id like to get 150 for it, shipping is $5 in the...
  17. Ice

    deal i aw on a sonic BOOM alarm clock

    i dont know how many here visit this forum called slickdeals, i go there alot, they are gunna bankrupt me i spend so much ;p but anyways, this is the first time i have ever seen a deal for something for the deaf or HoH, might want to check it out i have this clock and love it...
  18. Ice

    FS - 160 GB HDD internal IDE NEW

    Western Digital hard drive as seen here, this is the exact one I have sitting here right now. It is still in box and in the original shrink wrap. may not be a warehouse like a 400 gig drive or so but 160 GBs can really equal a great deal of space. For full specs click the link above, and...
  19. Ice

    Seagate 400 gig hdd NEW

    internal, as seen here Item is brand new, sealed retail box The industry standard from the industry leader. Our reliable, super-silent drive combine highly advanced storage hardware and software technology. This...
  20. Ice

    Blackberry and AIM mesenger

    can a blackberry use AIM messenger? just wanted to know before i buy