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  1. Everlucent

    Will I Die Alone?

    Seriously, I'm starting to worry that I might. Sounds needlessly dramatic, and it is to some extent, I've never had a serious relationship where I thought "I'm in love", in 37 years I've not had many relationships at all, just a 3, that's strange because everyone I know, work with, even my...
  2. Everlucent

    Sale: Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor

    It is brown in color, will include a magnetic link and a single rechargeable battery. Other accessories and maintenance items available if desired. 6 months old, in perfect condition, accepting reasonable offers, prefer to sell to Deaf only(will discount for Deaf child), if you are in North...
  3. Everlucent

    Where's the bathroom?

    It used to be over there ----->
  4. Everlucent

    Deaf Sign not ASL?!!?

    I am a deaf man of 6 years or so, I have never really met any deaf people till recently so have just started learning ASL. I am cursed by the ability to be able to speak although full deaf. it is one reason how I have avoided learning ASL till now. Yesterday was Deaf Day at Six Flags Over...
  5. Everlucent


    what is it? <--- Noob
  6. Everlucent

    Deaf man Can't Sign

    Hey folks help me out here What is the quickest way to learn to sign? I've lost all my hearing over the last couple years and was stuborn about it insisting that others needed to learn to talk not me needing to learn to hear, hehe. The problem is that I adapted very well to reading lips of...
  7. Everlucent

    My Peoples!!!!

    There you are!! I found you. lol, not kidding I have been searching for months to find out where deaf people congregated. This is the first web page that I found that wasn't some kind of scam or marketing front for advertisers. Well with that said, Hello my name is Matt I'm from DFW Texas and...