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  1. AlleyCat

    Using the Cloud on your phone or computer

    How do you utilize the Cloud on your phone? I know most (if not all?) use it as storage. If I wanted to transfer files and photos to the Cloud, how is that done, and how do I retrieve said items? I have an iPhone, but I'm sure the same applies for androids.
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    Your Bucket List?

  3. AlleyCat

    What’s in your toy box?

    An RV for me. (Someday.)
  4. AlleyCat

    Share About Yourself

    The title says it all. We’ve become a community over these years. Do you feel like sharing a little bit about yourself? Don’t share anything you are not comfortable sharing. This is the Internet after all, but it’ll be fun to get to know some of us a bit more. I’ll start. I’m nearly 48...
  5. AlleyCat

    What color underwear are you wearing today?

    I’m wearing basic black. My boyfriend is wearing satin red striped boxers. What color underwear are you wearing today?
  6. AlleyCat

    Are you sure?

    A man walks up to a store register with his wife, they have a few items, one of which is a broom. Cashier: “How are you guys today?” Husband: “Oh, we’re good.” The husband takes the broom and places it on the counter, then stares at his wife. Wife: “What?” Husband: “Are you sure you’re...
  7. AlleyCat

    Happy Birthday, Cappy!

    Happy Birthday to a fun poster here on AD! Do you have any special birthday wishes?
  8. AlleyCat

    Want a library cat?
  9. AlleyCat

    Never have i ever ....

    Okay, what have you NOT done?
  10. AlleyCat

    Oh come on! robert bevil

    FIFTEEN posts by you: Enough already.
  11. AlleyCat


    Who here likes westerns? I am not a fan of western movies, but I like western series. I loved Deadwood and Hells on Wheels. There is a new western series, The Son, starting in a few days - April 8. It's on the AMC channel; Pierce Brosnan is the star.
  12. AlleyCat

    Software tty on iphone

    Has anyone ever used this feature on the iPhone? It asks for a relay number to use. I have no idea what number that would be.
  13. AlleyCat

    Happy valentine's day!

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! May you have a wonderful day.
  14. AlleyCat

    It's Our Birthday!

    Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday dear @Angel1989 Happy birthday dear @AlleyCat Happy birthday to us!
  15. AlleyCat

    Share Your Phobias!

    What things are you afraid of? I am scared of elevators. And heights, but only when I can't see the other side. How about you guys?
  16. AlleyCat

    Quote Of The Day

    I think we have this thread somewhere, but I figured I'd start a new one. Post your favorite quote for today.
  17. AlleyCat

    Prince, The Singer, Dies At 57 The artist known as Prince, who pioneered "the Minneapolis sound" and took on the music industry in his fight for creative freedom, died Thursday at age 57. "It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the...
  18. AlleyCat

    Deaf Education/literacy Video With Nyle

    I don't know if this works here. This is a facebook video; I'm trying to find if there's a youtube version for those who don't have facebook. It's about the importance of deaf education/literacy and using ASL & English. The video is cc'd.
  19. AlleyCat

    Got a good comeback?

    Got a comeback you've been dying to share? Post them here! They don't have to be deaf-related at all. Anything goes!