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  1. Michellecolon25

    How did you become deaf / hard of hearing?

    I lost my hearing due to high fever I taught myself speech and learned sign language in school where I was mainstreamed my whole family hearing so I was always using my voice more than signing
  2. Michellecolon25


    Hello I would like to explain little bit about me I found at age 4 I had a hearing loss. I began to learn asl at that age as well. My whole family of hearing so I grew up mostly speaking than signing. I’m here to find new friends to talk In asl
  3. Michellecolon25

    Social Chat on Zoom

    I am deaf and know asl
  4. Michellecolon25

    Signing friends

    Hey I’m back on here I will do my best to answer any ? You have or just looking for an asl buddy
  5. Michellecolon25


    Hello and I’m deaf and know asl I’m on here to meet new people and communicate in asl
  6. Michellecolon25

    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    I would not take it yes being deaf is a struggle but it my identity it who I am It what makes me me I’m different and that ok I like being deaf i learned a beautiful language and got to be apart of the deaf community and we become like family because being deaf brings us together to let’s...
  7. Michellecolon25

    Hello all!

    I am deaf and looking for friends to sign with
  8. Michellecolon25

    Tinder Application on Android is not working

    I don't like tinder I just try to download it and it wouldn't let me in my account after I put all my info in
  9. Michellecolon25

    Looking for Signing friend

    I am deaf
  10. Michellecolon25


    Looking for a relationship but has to know asl
  11. Michellecolon25


    I am deaf
  12. Michellecolon25

    New friends

    I'm back on here sorry I haven't been on for awhile still looking for friends to sign with
  13. Michellecolon25

    Looking for Deaf/HoH friends to video chat with or meetup with!

    I'm here to make new friends that sign I'm deaf
  14. Michellecolon25

    Hearing here but also learning ASL friendship is important to me

    I am deaf and know sign language I'm here to make new friends who sign
  15. Michellecolon25

    I am hearing... i'll admit it.

    I am deaf so it helps a lot that someone hearing knows sign language
  16. Michellecolon25

    New here and looking for Deaf friends to improve ASL and have my dream become true!

    I am deaf and know sign language I here to make new friends to sign with
  17. Michellecolon25

    Hearing EMT looking for friends who know ASL

    I am deaf and looking for people to sign with
  18. Michellecolon25

    Looking for friends to sign with

    I'm Michelle I am deaf and know sign language
  19. Michellecolon25

    27 years old living with SSD

    Do you know asl??