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    16 vs 22 electrodes

    Sorry but you are off topic. To me it is clear you are talking about hearing aids when the thread is about brand choice for a cochlear Implant
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    Understanding English

    I have used Google Live Transcribe that was mentioned by deerheart 12 as quoted above almost since it came out (I may have missed the very, very first offering of it.). Yes it does make some errors but by far most of the time you can get the correct meaning from context. An some of the errors...
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Would you wearing tinted lenses in glasses when in a room that is as bright as he prefers help? Maybe not to the point of sunglasses though unless that much is needed.
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    What if......

    Rio Not only do I like you post but from the beginning I have thought the banning went overboard. I am not saying don't do any but it seemed like too much was done for simple things.
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    Apple computer refuses HOH/Deaf Senior ask for accommodation - fair?

    Cynthia as the original poster in this thread it appears that you can type on a computer keyboard. A full size TTY has a keyboard like a computer which you can type on. Or connect the TTY in line with a voice phone (landline) and use Relay to call their voice line using what is called Voice...
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    Communication at work don’t want to use my own phone

    How married are you to the iPhone and that operating system? You might want to look at phones that use the Android OS the next time you get a phone. The Google Live Transcribe for it is good and FREE. It does make some errors but most can be understood out of context. Of course, picking up...
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    Communication at work don’t want to use my own phone

    I am retired but use a cell phone that has the Android operating system. One of my apps on it is Googles Live Transcribe. I use that with a corded mic that I hold close enough to people for the app to pickup what they are saying and thus me read what they are saying on my phone screen. If you...
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    It's a go! I have a surgery date!

    Authentic It doesn't have to be instead! What do you think keeps someone with a CI from learning ASL?
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    Finland, chilly one day, frozen the next.

    Old Analog that is a good job of coming up with it! I just pulled out a printout that I have kept from years ago and it agrees with you. Regardless of which you use that is COLD!
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    Finland, chilly one day, frozen the next.

    I am having a time of it trying to keep track of which of you are using which temp. scale. With locations so scattered I just know some of you are using F like we do here in the US and others are using C.
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    Cochlear implants, do they help?

    Well I finally found a post where Stephaniep refers to being in Canada! See the above quote where I have put that part in bold. In checking on where Live Transcribe is available I ran across mention of it already being in 150 countries. So I am inclined to think that it is available in Canada...
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    Almost totally deaf 67 yr old Nana.

    I am wondering if there is a place you could go for a second opinion?
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    Phonak naida or Oticon exceed

    The law I referred to is in the US. The mic does have to be fairly close to who's speech you want to pickup but that is one of the advantages of the cord. You can hold it at arms length and still have the phone held where the screen is easy to read. Or if you know you will want to get...
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    Phonak naida or Oticon exceed

    That is extreme and the law says that they are required to provide an interpreter if you request one. Also, be aware the ENT stands for ear, nose & throat. So it may have been someone that specializes in nose or throat problems rather than ears and has not kept up with the ear part. Also...
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    new law?

    I don't have to go to even my primary doctor very often but have had changes at the clinic I use and have been asked. I would not expect it over and over once you are and established patient though.
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    Captioning word "What"

    I don't remember seeing this problem. But it also looks like we may really be watching different things. I do know that I have run across a setting somewhere where you can cut out cuss words. If that kind of setting would happen to be on and combined with accent problems I could see it happening.
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    Earmold question

    You might want to have your audiologist make you a new one from a different manufacturer. Even though the current one is made from hypoallergenic material that is no guarantee that you are not allergic to something used in the brand you now have.
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    new law?

    My understanding is that it has been around for several years that they have to offer one. Not that they have to have one without asking you first.
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    CI Removal Tomorrow morning

    Was the cochlea malformed on both sides? If just one, what is the other side like?